Hallie’s Healthy CHOCOLATE Snack!


Hey y’all I am Hallie and I blog over at Life:Oceanside.

When Ms. Stevie asked me to guest post on her wonderful blog, I just couldn’t say no, and for multiple reasons!
She is SUCH a sweetheart!
We bonded when we met over both of us planning our weddings. Even though I tied the knot last week, She is still working her way through the planning process and in a few short months she will make a BEAUTIFUL bride.

Anyone who knows how hard it is to plan a wedding, knows it’s even harder to stick to a diet and fit in to your stunning one of a kind wedding dress!

I struggled with sticking to a healthy diet up the last couple of months, and my hardest task was staying away from sweets. I tried my best to find “healthy” alternatives, even though there were times when I wanted to eat an ENTIRE chocolate cake, I had to stand my ground!

until I discovered this!

With summer and bikini season fast approaching, this is a perfect go to snack for basking in the sun, or keeping warm by the bonfire, (or when you just need to cure a sweet tooth)

Now it’s not the healthiest snack in the world but HEY, it’s got fruit!

Want to know how to make it?

you will need:

-Graham Crackers (I use low-fat honey)
Now whether you are 9 or 99 you should know how to perfect a s’more, but just in case you are a little rusty on the American tradition, let me fill you in.
– Grab 2 graham cracker sheets, and lay them side by side
-take one side and place your chocolate and raspberries upon it,
-roast/melt your marshmallows and place them on the other side.
 -smash them together like a big ole’ gooey pj & jay,
 and ENJOY.
Seriously. It’s wonderful!
Come on over and say hi, and let me know you are visiting from Stevie’s space:)




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