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Friday Again


How did we get to yet another Friday? Most weeks i’m so grateful to be at the weekend, and this one is the same, but I’m also feeling like time is just FLYING past me. We are so close to the wedding now, it seems like every weekend we have something booked and I want to cherish this time as much as I possibly can.

This week, on top of my usual Friday post, i’m guest posting over on Catalyn’s blog while she visits NORWAY. Check it out. It involves the story behind this picture…


That being said, I have had a great past week and I have so much to share with all of you. There are posts to come on my time in Richmond, my day in DC, and some of the amazing restaurants and food I got to experience during that time. Until then, enjoy the highlights from my week, and ENJOY your weekend… time passes us by too quickly.


1) After a stressful wedding planning week, the shoes I fell in love with last weekend arrived on my doorstep with this sweet note. I’m so lucky to have such amazing people in my life!

2) Shades of pink nail polish make for fun spring pedicures!

3) Wine and painting with my best friend ❤

4) A sweet note from a great friend. Can you believe this stationary is from Target?! (LOVE that place!)

5) This delicious looking piece of meat is the East Coast burger, at my new favorite restaurant, Burger Bach. It’s not on their online menu yet, so I can’t wait to share the details with you next week!

As usual, i’m linking up with Lauren, and you should too!


I Believe in LOVE


I was hesitant about writing this post. This is a post about equality in marriage, but I’m so new to this blogging thing that I haven’t really decided how safe I feel posting about things that could strike a nerve. But, then I thought about it a little bit. Because I am a straight, white, American, I don’t often have to deal with controversial topics in my everyday life. But my friends who are gay & lesbian do. And who am I to choose when and where I support them?

Fiance and I had wanted to visit the Holocaust Museum while we had some time off, but we weren’t able to get tickets, that place gets SO busy! My friend Nick texted me and mentioned that he was going to be rallying in the city, and asked if we’d like to come along.

With my fiance being a history teacher and my future sister in law being a member of the LGBTQ community, we knew we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be a part of this huge historical movement. So, off we went. We heard some amazing speakers, saw some hilariously funny but true signs, and felt the power that comes from being in a group of dedicated people. Enjoy my photos from the day, and please, share your thoughts with me as well. I’m always interested in hearing peoples thoughts!

One of my favorite quotes from the day “If I can be committed to student loans for the rest of my life, why can’t I be committed to the person I love?”

image copy image

March CaraBox!


It’s that time of the month again! (no, not THAT time of the month…) I spent the past few weeks getting to know some incredible ladies through Wifessional’s CaraBox swap. What is a CaraBox? Well, you can check out my previous boxes, from January and February, to see what they look like, because words are not enough. BUT, if I had to use words, Kaitlyn’s are pretty good ones…


cara (car-rah) noun   :   beloved friend
Awesome things in the mail + Meeting new women + Encouragement = Cara Box
This month the theme was things that start with “_”, and this blank would be filled in with the first letter of your partners fist name! I had the opportunity to get to know an AMAZING woman, Sami, who is raising her son while her husband is deployed. Be sure to head over to her blog to see what I sent her!
I also was lucky enough to be paired with Alissa, who sent me my box. We had SO much in common… we are PA girls, both getting married, her parents are a school counselor and a teacher, just like my fiance and I… and the best news is that she is a Registered Dietician! As someone who is working her butt off losing weight, I am SO lucky to have Alissa as a resource! The box she sent me was SO perfect!
She sent me Shape magazine, for inspiration, School supplies and Sticky notes for staying on track with school and the wedding, a Scarf to help me look fabulous, Softlips to prep for that wedding day kiss, and Snacks – perfectly portioned and a great healthy option! I ripped into the snacks and the magazine right away, and rocked the scarf when we got some snow this week! Every month I am SO glad I do this swap – I have gotten to meet some amazing women and the encouragement of knowing that someone is always out there has no price tag!
If you are interested in getting involved with CaraBox, whether you are a blogger or not, head over to Kaitlyn’s blog and get yourself signed up. You won’t regret it!

The New Man in My Life!


This past weekend, while in Richmond, I was able to meet up with a new blogger friend and her adorable son! I first met Jasmyne through Wifessional’s CaraBox, where we were partnered up and I got to spend time emailing and getting to know her. We quickly connected outside of that though, and she has become one of my absolute favorite people to email, tweet at, and now, text!

Now, the reason the title of this post involves the new man in my life is because her little man, only 6 months old, stole my heart. I couldn’t get enough of him from the moment I held him in my arms! He is such a lover, and the best baby EVER. Jasmyne has done some seriously stellar parenting!

I got to spend time with Jasmyne connecting about church, love, children, and, best of all, clothes (she had the CUTEST peplum top on!) Now that I have a good friend i’ll be visiting in Richmond often, I hope to get to see more of Jasmyne and little man. Enjoy some pictures from my very first “blate” and be sure to check out Jasmyne’s page as well!

IMG_3218 IMG_3220 IMG_0094 IMG_3225

Mondays With Mom


Hello Friends,

It’s been a long week. I’m sure all of you have had them. With all the changes at my work and Daffodil Days this week, it’s been emotional as well. But I will save that story for another Monday. I know you are all anxious to hear my side of last week’s blog!

If you take note you will see there were some comments. I will refer to them in my answers along with everything else.

1. When I asked my family what they liked about me. The girl’s answers were no surprise to me, neither were my husbands. However, I was surprised by my son’s and touched by my sisters. My son just turned 18 and is a senior in high school. It seems like we are always just banging our heads against each other. I am sure the girls were like this too but somehow the memory of dealing with them doesn’t come to me with the same difficulty I have with understanding Taylor.

This is the same little boy who looked so much like me when he was little he used to say, “I look so much like Mommy because she wished me!” His father used to say he was so much like me that I didn’t need his help creating the child. Today I ask myself, isn’t loving him more than anything, believing in him when no one else does, accepting his quirkish behavior enough? I love this boy so much and sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it is enough. (I love my girls the same way but at their age, they appreciate it and tell me so) It must be true when they say a daughter is a daughter all your life but a son….

One time my sister was having one of those days where the noise of her life and children was overwhelming, and I just said to her…you know, when all else fails, love them. You will never regret it. Just love them. Love them when they are the least lovable. I assume that this is an example of what she talks about in her “liking” of me comment. I’d like to say I didn’t know you felt that way about me but sometimes you get that look on your face and I know I have done it again. Thank you Liz, that means a lot to me. And for the record, you are beautiful in every way.

My husband is such a dear sweet man, and yes honey we do see the world the same way.

2. What don’t they like about me? This one was interesting because two of them concur, two said things that I should know about myself but don’t always. And the third, my son, wouldn’t answer me. He said there was no way he was going to answer that one. Once I told him his sisters answered it he blurted out his answer.

Do I interrupt? Yes, I do. Especially when I feel I am being misunderstood, or I feel strongly about my opinion or excited about my idea. I am sorry you don’t like that about me but I find I only do it with those who I know will love me anyway. I spent many years of my life not speaking up and not believing my thoughts and ideas mattered. And yes, sometimes my brain and mouth go faster than my manners. I will work on not interrupting as much.

My son does not like when I over react. I see where he thinks that I have a tendency to over react. What 18 year old doesn’t see that in his parents? When I over react towards him, it is usually not an overreaction in my opinion. It is something I feel strongly about that he probably doesn’t want to hear because it is true.

I am always right Paige and someday you will be too. Husband, thank you for loving me so much. I am sure plenty of women out there don’t always have the self-esteem that they should. We can be so competitive with each other.

3. Favorite childhood memories…what can I say about those? I have been blessed with such a crazy fun life. And to the person who said they hope their children can say the same kinds of things if you ask them when they are older. They will. All you have to do is love them.

This one has been enlightening and touching. I might do it again. But not for a while. I have something totally different planned for next week. Stay tuned…..