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The Wedding Diaries: Invitations


I’m not someone who cares all that much about invitations. I have to be honest and tell you that I just figured I’d order some off a website when the time came. I just don’t get spending a ton of money on high quality PAPER that will get thrown away later.

My friend and bridesmaid Alex was listening to me talk about this one night, and her response was “there was maybe one person invited to my wedding that appreciated the invitations I sent. I just dealt with what I wanted, and figured I had no control over what people thought.”

However, I did want our invitations to be a design I liked. I started looking over websites and realized I didn’t LOVE anything I was seeing. I emailed my wedding planner to ask her for some recommendations, and she mentioned the idea of having custom work done. Um… What?

My first reaction was that it would be WAY too expensive to have custom designed invitations. Not only that, I had no idea what I wanted… Just what I didn’t like. Regardless, I contacted the designer that was recommended to me, just to see what she could come up with.

I couldn’t believe the prices she quoted me for the quality of her work. We found a design she had already done that we LOVED. She is going to customize the color scheme for our wedding and do all of our invitations, RSVPs, info cards, menu cards, and programs for less than one of those bulk websites. AND it’s higher quality work.

Obviously I’m not going to show you the invitations now, because they aren’t done and I don’t want anyone to see them before they hit the mailbox. BUT the point of this post is to tell other brides out there to SHOP AROUND. Because we did a little research, we now have more room in our budget for other things!

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Wedding Diaries: Thoughts


There are less than 6 months until the day I become a “Mrs.” I feel like that’s so close, considering how long we have been together, and yet so far away when I think about what our last 6 months have held. We have been through so much since the day we got engaged… There is almost nothing in our lives now that are the same as they were then. Not geographically, not academically, not financially… And yet here we are, together, and making it work.

So, this post today is more for me than for all of you, a milestone to look back at when there are 2 months, three weeks, or five days until the wedding. To see where we were at, and to laugh at what we didn’t yet know. To track this journey for our future children, our friends, our family.

I asked Fiancé “How are you feeling about the wedding right now?” This was his response: “I feel… Good. I don’t really feel like its hit me yet, we’ve been together so long I don’t know if its going to hit me until we get a lot closer, where its like… Holy crap I’m getting married.”

He’s right to think this way. I asked him such a broad question because I didn’t want to lead his answer. When I thought about this post I was thinking about updating where we are at in the planning process, where our Bach party was going to be, how blocking hotels was going. Instead, Fiancé reminded me that when I say “less than 6 months” that’s a countdown to the MARRIAGE before it is a countdown to the WEDDING. The relationship is more important than anything else.

So, for the end of this post, I want to talk about relationships that are so important to both of us. We had a great chat with our best man, Mike, tonight and it really reinforced for both of us how excited we are to get to spend so much time with all of our friends from all the stages of our lives and our relationship. Fiancé and I are from the same small town in PA, met in college, which was 6 hours away from said small town, and now live somewhere else entirely. We have never had all of the people we love together all at once like we will for this wedding, and tonight that is what we focused on.

So, Stevie of 6 months from now, know this: the details aren’t overwhelming you right now. Your amazing bridal party is taking care of all of the parties to be had, your awesome mom is working her tail off blocking a bridal suite for you to get ready in, your in-laws are signing and sending contracts left and right, and because of these RELATIONSHIPS you can appreciate all the beauty of a wedding, not the stress.

For now.

The Wedding Diaries: Groomsmen


With the wedding just a few months away, and most, if not all, of the planning complete, this week i’m posting a series of “Wedding Diaries” posts. I love sharing my details and inspiration, as well as having the opportunity to document this time for me to look back on. I hope you enjoy them!

So, I personally think my groom is the most handsome man alive. He could marry me in pajamas and i’d be happy. But, tradition states that the gents dress up for the wedding too, so once I had chosen my bridesmaid dresses and my dress, I decided to begin the process of shopping around for the guys!

I had originally considered buying suits. I have a bridesmaid who was working for a large department store, and the pricing would have been great – the guys would have had suits to keep for less than the cost of a rental. She did this for her own wedding this past summer, and the groomsmen looked INCREDIBLE!


However, the more we thought about it, the more we realized we couldn’t really pull it all together the way we wanted to. I had a certain look in mind and just wasn’t satisfied with what I was seeing as purchasing options online!

So, once again I dragged my best friend and bridesmaid Mel, as well as her boyfriend, our friend and groomsman Paul, and Fiance out to look at suits. I wanted some guys opinions and DEFINITELY wanted a girls opinion as well. We went to two major chain stores and really weren’t happy with the options at either. The first one was outrageously overpriced and was pushing me to order ASAP for availability. I didn’t like feeling that pressure, and I really didn’t like the idea of our groomsmen spending over $200 on a RENTAL. The second one we went to didn’t stock tan suits for rentals. First they pushed purchasing suits on me (too expensive), and when it was clear I wasn’t going to do that, tried to get me to rent grey suits instead. Sure, i’ll just change my wedding colors. Not a problem.

Needless to say, I was NOT happy. I wasn’t at the point where I was in a panic, but I definitely wasn’t feeling very confident about our options. I planned on checking out some smaller stores when I had a chance, but the very next weekend, the answer came to me!

I was back at the fabulous Curvy Girls looking at veils and earrings when I realized that DUH, they did suit rentals too! I dragged Fiance back, and we quickly and easily found the PERFECT suit for him and the rest of the groomsmen at an AMAZING price. And, they brought him back in for a few fittings to make sure the suit he wears on our wedding day will be as perfect as he is.

Now, i’m not saying that everyone has a bad experience with chains. We were wanting something more casual and unique than the typical wedding tux rental. If you have a wedding party that is all over the country, a chain is the easiest way to go, for sure. For us, since our guys are all on the east coast, this was a perfect option.

Check back tomorrow for more “Wedding Diaries” fun!