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Hallie’s Healthy CHOCOLATE Snack!


Hey y’all I am Hallie and I blog over at Life:Oceanside.

When Ms. Stevie asked me to guest post on her wonderful blog, I just couldn’t say no, and for multiple reasons!
She is SUCH a sweetheart!
We bonded when we met over both of us planning our weddings. Even though I tied the knot last week, She is still working her way through the planning process and in a few short months she will make a BEAUTIFUL bride.

Anyone who knows how hard it is to plan a wedding, knows it’s even harder to stick to a diet and fit in to your stunning one of a kind wedding dress!

I struggled with sticking to a healthy diet up the last couple of months, and my hardest task was staying away from sweets. I tried my best to find “healthy” alternatives, even though there were times when I wanted to eat an ENTIRE chocolate cake, I had to stand my ground!

until I discovered this!

With summer and bikini season fast approaching, this is a perfect go to snack for basking in the sun, or keeping warm by the bonfire, (or when you just need to cure a sweet tooth)

Now it’s not the healthiest snack in the world but HEY, it’s got fruit!

Want to know how to make it?

you will need:

-Graham Crackers (I use low-fat honey)
Now whether you are 9 or 99 you should know how to perfect a s’more, but just in case you are a little rusty on the American tradition, let me fill you in.
– Grab 2 graham cracker sheets, and lay them side by side
-take one side and place your chocolate and raspberries upon it,
-roast/melt your marshmallows and place them on the other side.
 -smash them together like a big ole’ gooey pj & jay,
 and ENJOY.
Seriously. It’s wonderful!
Come on over and say hi, and let me know you are visiting from Stevie’s space:)



Catalyn’s DELICIOUS Summer Snacks


Hey everyone! My name is Catalyn and I blog over at Confessions of a Northern Belle. I am helping out my blog-girl Stevie this week and was asked to blog about some healthy summer snacks. This was a pretty easy topic. I have always had a pretty bad stomach, so my diet is loaded with nutritious foods (most of the time)

{via Pinterest}

During the summer, I always love a good fruit salad. My dad makes the BEST fruit salad on the planet. He goes to the local orchard and buys apples, pineapples, oranges, watermelon, grapes, melon, watermelon, and whatever else they have. Then he cuts it all up, puts it in a bowl, and lets it sit for a few hours in the fridge. All of the juices meld together and it is so so refreshing and healthy!

Ignoring the melted butter in the picture, my family always eats steamed seafood at the beach. We have shrimp, little necks, lobster, and crab legs. All of this seafood is cooked in a big pot of boiling water with some lemons and spices. How could you go wrong with steamed seafood!?

My sister-in-law makes a delicious quinoa salad whenever we go to the beach. It if packed with protein and nutrients – contains quinoa, tomatoes, black beans, asparagus, and parsley. Her salad is so filling and won’t give you a belly bulge on the beach!

If you are trying to watch your weight in the summer, you can enjoy a fulfilling meal without the guilt. Everything in this picture is healthy and homemade! The vegetables and herbs shown are from a local farm, the mozzarella was handmade at the Italian store, and the bread was hand-cooked from the Italian store as well. Fresh and roasted vegetables are loaded with vitamins and something that makes you full. I know that grilling your corn on the cob locks in the flavor and there is nothing like it!
I hope you enjoyed my healthy summer snacks. Check out my blog to see more recipe posts and confessions of a northern belle

Alissa’s Healthy Snacks!


Hello! I’m Alissa and I’m a Registered Dietitian who blogs over ate iAManRD. I was lucky even to meet Stevie when we got paired up for the Cara Box Exchange last month. It was great getting to know her, and we found out we had a lot in common, like both being from PA. Stevie asked me to post for her this week and give you guys some ideas on some healthy summer snacks. Here are a few of my favorites and why I recommend them!



  • These green little soybeans are a great snack pick! They are so versatile and can be eaten alone, warm, cold, on salads, in wraps, etc.
  • ~1/2 cup shelled edamame is only 125 calories and provides 12g of protein + its packed with vitamins and minerals

2) Fresh Cut Veggies and Hummus


  • Fresh Cut Veggies are ALWAYS a great snack because they are basically calorie free and nutrient dense
  • Add hummus on some side for an additional serving of protein and healthy fats to help make the snack more filling and satisfying

3) Green Smoothies


  • If you stop over at my blog you can find the recipe my favorite Green Smoothie! Plus I will be adding my new concoctions as I experiment over the summer, or you can always try your own combination!
  • Combines fresh veggies (spinach) + fruit (banana) + protein (whey protein powder) for about 200-300 calories depending on your add-ins

4) Overnight Oats and Berries

overnight oats

  • Oatmeal is my all-time favorite breakfast, but when it’s 90 degrees and humid in the summer, I want something cooler in the morning…that’s where Overnight Oats come in.
  • Combine ½ cup old-fashioned oats + 1 cup milk (any type) and chill in the fridge over night (or for an hour or two depending how thick you want it) then add fresh fruit of your choice! Berries are a great summer fruit packed with antioxidants.

5) Banana Soft-serve

banana softserve

  • The best summer treat ever!
  • All you need is a frozen banana and a food processor.
  • Just place the banana in the processer and blend! A little milk will help make it slightly creamier, but it’s not needed.
  • If you want to get fancy you can always blend in your favorite nut butter, dark chocolate bits, fruit, or whatever your favorite ice cream mix-in is.
  • This is a great ice cream alternative that is just as indulgent but about half the calories!

Hope these snacks find their way into your diet this summer. For more suggestions just stop by iAManRD 🙂

That Time I Let Paige Blog.


In honor of my bridal shower being this weekend, and in response to all of the hard work she has put in, I let my seester guest post today. she made me promise not to make any changes… here’s what she sent.


I had a hard time deciding what to make my guest post about, and the choice I have picked may seem obvious, but trust me, it’s pretty deep. It really hasn’t been all that long since Stevie and I lost our Grammy, our go-to person when Mom can’t answer her phone at work. Not long after that Stevie left me in Blacksburg (alone, to die) so now, we call each other a lot. In thinking about all of these phone calls it got me thinking about what a strange, complex relationship we have. So here is a look into the lives of these seesters:

We manage to be best friends and rivals all at the same time, in just about every aspect of life:


We are SO different, but we cling to the interests we share and bond over them:
We are partners in crime: (also side note, it was approximately one million degrees and we were lost in Stevie’s un-air conditioned car, hence the faces)
But I think the best way to sum up my relationship is like this:
Yep, that about does it. Basically, we are the very best seesters ever.
I hope you enjoyed my view on our relationship, and I promise to guest post again about something that shows my hilarious wit and unending sarcasm very soon ☺


by the way, if you need a laugh… my sister writes one hell of a blog. Also, all opinions on her page are hers and not necessarily mine, especially if you disagree.