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Well guys, I made it 22 posts without really talking about my cat. For those of you who spend time with me on a daily basis… that doesn’t happen. I don’t usually go 22 MINUTES without talking about my cat. She’s like my baby… I know those of you with pets understand.

Anyway, i’d really love to tell you the story of my cat, because it emphasizes not only how awesome she is, but how awesome rescue organizations are and how you really can make an impact.

I graduated college in May of 2010. I didn’t get into grad school, didn’t have a job, and was feeling pretty awful. My mom, in an effort to cheer me up, decided to start sending me pictures of kittens from the local newspaper. I thought she was kidding… until she told me that not only was she not kidding, she had found the perfect cat for me. This was the picture on the website:

29440_1323849704048_790238_nLOOK AT THAT FACE! I had never owned a cat, nor had I had any experience with them… but I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. Her name was Ginger, and I submitted my application to adopt her right away (and rename her!). The organization that I was adopting her from put me through a rigorous screening process, including calling my apartment complex to ensure that I had permission to own a pet, speaking with friends who had pets as references, and requiring me to sign some paperwork saying that if I ever couldn’t keep her, for any reason, I would return her to the organization. After all of this… we got her!

The organization is called Castaway Critters, and you guys, it is so close to my heart. I make a donation every year at Christmas, as well as throughout the year with canned goods and pet supplies. I have a close friend whose mom fosters cats for this organization, and I can’t believe all the good they do. Every single one of their pets is fostered, not kept in a shelter. This means that your donations go directly to the pets – you aren’t paying facilities fees or anything. When I adopted my sweet Rosie, I got a letter from her foster parents, and we still keep in touch. I send them pictures every few months, as a thank you for giving her a home until I could take her.

So how can you help? Find a shelter near you, or an organization like Castaway Critters, and make a small donation every once in a while. Maybe you have extra pet food lying around… or maybe you’re ready to bring a new furry friend home! Regardless, my heart lies in rescuing pets, not buying them. I hope this post encourages you to share some love, as well.

I’ll leave you with some adorable pictures of my best friend… and thanks for allowing me to let my crazy cat lady flag fly!



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