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Friday Again


How did we get to yet another Friday? Most weeks i’m so grateful to be at the weekend, and this one is the same, but I’m also feeling like time is just FLYING past me. We are so close to the wedding now, it seems like every weekend we have something booked and I want to cherish this time as much as I possibly can.

This week, on top of my usual Friday post, i’m guest posting over on Catalyn’s blog while she visits NORWAY. Check it out. It involves the story behind this picture…


That being said, I have had a great past week and I have so much to share with all of you. There are posts to come on my time in Richmond, my day in DC, and some of the amazing restaurants and food I got to experience during that time. Until then, enjoy the highlights from my week, and ENJOY your weekend… time passes us by too quickly.


1) After a stressful wedding planning week, the shoes I fell in love with last weekend arrived on my doorstep with this sweet note. I’m so lucky to have such amazing people in my life!

2) Shades of pink nail polish make for fun spring pedicures!

3) Wine and painting with my best friend ❤

4) A sweet note from a great friend. Can you believe this stationary is from Target?! (LOVE that place!)

5) This delicious looking piece of meat is the East Coast burger, at my new favorite restaurant, Burger Bach. It’s not on their online menu yet, so I can’t wait to share the details with you next week!

As usual, i’m linking up with Lauren, and you should too!


High Five for FRIDAY!


Another weekend is here! I’m spending my entire weekend babysitting, so I have extra money to spend when I hit Richmond at the end of the month to visit my BFF Alex. (Any Richmond bloggers want to meet up?!)

Anyway, this week was interesting… I was super exhausted from my weekend activities, and then got a snow day on Wednesday, which meant I slept/laid around all day and then felt more tired. Regardless, next week is spring break and I have big plans to knock the last few wedding things out of the park. My bridal shower is coming up and my goal was to have everything DONE by then. We’ll see…

high 5

1) Lets start with that beautiful road sign announcing Virginia Tech. It’s my new phone background. I love that place and i’m so glad it’s back in my life.

2) I made a KILLER snow day breakfast. Ham and cheese omelet, yogurt, and fruit. Who can say no to that? It was the perfect start to our day… at noon. And the whole thing was only 7 WW Points!

3) On Tuesday, I wanted snow so badly, I whipped out one of my toastier winter scarves. I was feeling lukewarm about it, but I got a TON of compliments so i’ll definitely be hanging on to this one!

4) My snow day view. We never left the apartment, and we “unplugged” for most of the day – it was a nice break from reality.

5) Some of my great friends on a night out in Blacksburg. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing group of people in my life!

I hope you enjoy your weekend, and your week… now that we’ve had a good snow i’m ready to break out my Jack’s and shorts… and start running outside again! Speaking of shorts and being outside, Lauren is in Florida right now, which means her High 5 is better than all of ours. Lucky Duck. Till next week…

High Five for Friday!


Welcome to the weekend! I have a busy one ahead… i’m doing about 10 hours of babysitting, along with a trip back to PA to go to a wedding show with my Mother-In-Law, and iron out some final wedding details. This is one of those weekends that will FLY by, and not give me much downtime, but I have to appreciate it anyway. Oh, and one of the best nights of the year is this sunday… the OSCARS!

image (10)

1) I attended a great networking dinner last night that paired 5 courses of incredible food with wines. This was a smoked salmon with a pinot… not something I would have paired but it was INCREDIBLE! More on this next week…

2) I got my Birchbox and my Ipsy Glam Bag on the same days… be on the lookout for reviews of these, and help me decide which subscription to keep!

3) I earned so much free Stella and Dot credits this month, I treated myself to some new pieces. These two, the Rebel necklace and Renegade bracelet are two celeb favorites, and now personal favorites as well!

4) This is Dennis. He was the first gift Fiance ever gave me, and this past week we rescued him from our storage unit just for the memories!

5) I ordered my veil! The wedding details are almost done!

Be sure to head over to Lauren’s page to see who else linked up their High Five for Friday’s, and have a great weekend!

High Five For Friday!


Thank god it’s Friday. This week has legitimately kicked me in the face. I have been in bed by 9:30 most nights, and I still feel like a zombie. I got in a minor car accident on Wednesday, and the high school kid I hit asked what grade I was in. While I was wearing my staff ID badge. I know, I know, appreciate it while I can. But really, i’m sick of looking like a baby.

Enough with the whining. Here are some highlights… and great things to come!

20130208-095122.jpg1) Sunday night’s Superbowl Party was the most fun i’ve had in a while. I think I gained an actual 5 pounds. It might also be the reason I felt like I couldn’t catch up on sleep all week.

2) National School Counseling Week! As a future school counselor, this week means so much to me. Spent time advocating, celebrating, and filling up “buckets” with kind words and thoughts!

3) It felt like Christmas at my apartment this week. All of my Stella and Dot stuff came in!

4) Two of my new bracelets… check out the S&D link above if you’re interested… this is the Eden Cuff and Julep Bangle in Navy

5) Cayla is coming to visit and we have big plans to gorge ourselves on Shake Shack and Georgetown Cupcakes. I love this weekend already ❤

High Five for Friday!


It’s FRIDAY! I’m so excited for this weekend, to spend time with Fiance, start our wedding registries, and veg out with my famous chili dip in time for the superbowl. And by famous, I mean easy, so we eat it too often.

I’m linking up with Lauren again this week, and a bunch of other lovely lady bloggers. So, here’s some of this weeks highs…

image (9)

1) Virginia weather has been ALL OVER THE PLACE this week. No kidding, on Monday Fiance had a snow day, then Wednesday I wore a dress because it was 60 degrees, today we have snow. Regardless, I took advantage of the nice day to get outside and run!

2) Norah was the first new friend I made when we moved up to the DC area. We’ve worked together every day for almost 6 months now, and she’s headed onto AMAZING things with a new job. We had night out to celebrate her opportunities and toast to our friendship!

3) I love iced coffee, but I get frowned at when it’s snowy and I ordered it. Wednesday’s warm weather made it totally acceptable!

4) A road trip with Fiance to do our catering tasting was the perfect start to this week!

5) I signed up to be a Stella and Dot stylist! I’m planning on hosting some giveaways and promotions in the near future, so keep an eye on the blog!