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Blogger Crushes


I have a lot of people ask me why I decided to start this blog, or which blogs inspire me. I have even more people ask for a list of the blogs I read. As i’ve been blogging more, I realized that there is something about certain bloggers, and it has absolutely zero to do with their followers or their number of comments, or how many cool giveaways they do. You keep going back to certain blogs because something there speaks to you. That’s the kind of blogger I hope to be!

Luckily, Erin over at Living in Yellow had the genius idea to do a blogger crush link up, which means that not only do I get to publicly express my creepy awesome love for my favorite bloggers, but the link up makes it publicly acceptable. So, to kick things off…


Bethany, over at Rinse.Repeat. I’ve been reading Bethany the longest, and she is the sweetest person i’ve never met. She moved to Kuwait after she got married and doesn’t update as often anymore, because life as an ex-pat is a challenge! However, hers is the first blog I check every. single. day, and when i’m gifted with a new post, it’s like Christmas. Check her out, read through her archives, love her.


Next is Kait, over at Gridiron Lipstick. Not only is this girl funny, loves her amazing dog, and blogs honestly about life in a long distance relationship, she a Central PA girl, where I was born and bred. I don’t even remember how I found her blog but if you have a few minutes, definitely check it out, and I dare you to stop at just one post.

Lisette, over at Northern Belle Diaries, is a new favorite of mine. I haven’t been reading her blog long but what really sticks out to me about Lisette is how FRIENDLY she is! She has been so helpful to me as I get started in this crazy blogging world… always willing to answer a tweet or an email, leaving the sweetest comments. Oh, and she has the cutest dogs ever.

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My newest obsession crush is Catalyn, at Confessions of a Northern Belle. She popped up on my radar in the last few weeks and I literally CAN’T stop reading her blog. She’s a teacher, loves her cat, sports, and is totally goofy, hilarious, and HONEST. Geez I hope she doesn’t think i’m creepy after she reads this…

I could go on and on and on but Fiance is cranky because i’m not watching the movie he put on. (Anyone else’s Mr’s get sick of their blogging?) I just want to add that not a day goes by that I don’t check in on Whitney, Taylor, Emily, Kaitlyn, Jessica, Hallie, and Jasmyne. Be sure to check out their blogs too, because I cannot get enough of any single one of them.

These girls also lift me up with their comments, tweets, emails, and general daily musings. I know i’m new to this blogging world – but I can’t get enough. Thanks to everyone who has inspired and encouraged me… I hope someday someone has a blogger crush on me!