Mondays with Mom


Mom isn’t going to let you down.  I may be a little late but I am here.

I had a very busy weekend with both girls in town for Stevie’s Bridal Shower.  It was a beautiful day outside and in.  If Stevie ever doubted that she was loved she should remember that day.  And yes, I do know Stevie.  She is my best friend.


This time you are really going to get Motherly advice.  I know, I tried not to be that way, but I can’t help it.  Today I’d like to talk about rolling with the punches.  Doesn’t it seem like life’s little mishaps seem to come in great big piles?  I am not perfect by any means and I would give a million bucks to be better at rolling with the punches.  But I have met people who are really good at it, and I have met people who are not.  Those who have mastered the art of “rolling” have a much better outlook on life and are continually content with what they have.

It easy to be bitter and its easy to argue with people who cross your path.  Of course you want to be heard, and of course you have important things to say.  But have you ever tried “rolling” with people?  When I started to learn that “rolling” was making my life  much easier, it was hard to do.  I had to actively remind myself that I need to keep my mouth shut.  Take a step back.  Get a good look.  Will the issue wait until I’ve had a chance to get a good night’s sleep?

What I found was that my ability to work with the issue was much clearer and I was more effective.  And other times, I have to tell myself to take it head on so that it is over with.  Its like a dinner plate.  You know when it is too full.  Sometimes you just have to get through.

Helen Keller said …”the only way to the other side is through.”  She knew what it was like to get through life with hardships and handicaps.   

Maybe it comes down to worry.  There is so little we can change by worrying about it.  And we can plan and anticipate all we want about what might happen but when it comes right down to it, our worry and planning did no good.

I know that this approach sounds all rose colored glasses, and perhaps it is.  But if you take a little extra time to figure out life’s mishaps when they come to you, you will find that they come much easier.


That Time I Let Paige Blog.


In honor of my bridal shower being this weekend, and in response to all of the hard work she has put in, I let my seester guest post today. she made me promise not to make any changes… here’s what she sent.


I had a hard time deciding what to make my guest post about, and the choice I have picked may seem obvious, but trust me, it’s pretty deep. It really hasn’t been all that long since Stevie and I lost our Grammy, our go-to person when Mom can’t answer her phone at work. Not long after that Stevie left me in Blacksburg (alone, to die) so now, we call each other a lot. In thinking about all of these phone calls it got me thinking about what a strange, complex relationship we have. So here is a look into the lives of these seesters:

We manage to be best friends and rivals all at the same time, in just about every aspect of life:


We are SO different, but we cling to the interests we share and bond over them:
We are partners in crime: (also side note, it was approximately one million degrees and we were lost in Stevie’s un-air conditioned car, hence the faces)
But I think the best way to sum up my relationship is like this:
Yep, that about does it. Basically, we are the very best seesters ever.
I hope you enjoyed my view on our relationship, and I promise to guest post again about something that shows my hilarious wit and unending sarcasm very soon ☺


by the way, if you need a laugh… my sister writes one hell of a blog. Also, all opinions on her page are hers and not necessarily mine, especially if you disagree.

A Guest Post From My Cat.


Guys, I am blogged out right now. I have about a billion projects due in the next 5 days, and my bridal shower is this Saturday (yay!) which means i’ll be out of town. Lucky for me, I have some excellent guest posters who are going to help me get through the next week. Rosie decided it would be only fair if she got to kick things off…


Hello, blog readers. I’m Rosie, the cat behind Colorful Commotion. Stevie doesn’t talk much about me, because she doesn’t want you all to know what a crazy cat lady she is, but, you can’t hide crazy. I wanted to get on here and do some cat defending, because all I ever see on the blogs mom reads are dogs.

You see, cats are much better than dogs for a ton of reasons. The first obviously being that you never have to take us outside in the snow or rain, but I’m here to share some lesser known facts…

1) Cats are excellent at working around the house. Mom had just made this bed when I knocked her humidifier over on it. Then she had to wash and dry all of the bedding. Good thing I got her moving!


2) Cats are excellent at reducing stress. Mom had homework to do, but i didn’t think it was all that important.


3) Cats are excellent at yoga. Enough said.


If there are any doubts left that cats are the greatest, then you and your dogs can go stand outside in the rain and suck it. Or, you can just come visit me and have your mind changed forever!

Also, my mom is totally a crazy cat lady. At least she snagged a man before she went totally nuts.

Burger Bach in RVA


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know how much I LOVE Shake Shack burgers. I have already blogged twice about the amazing experience going to get one of these burgers is! What you might not know, however, is that a great burger is something I just can’t pass up. When I was in Richmond a few weekends ago, my friend Alex suggested getting dinner at Burger Bach, a New Zealand gastropub in Carytown.

She had only eaten there once previously, for lunch, and said the restaurant had a good atmosphere and even better food. So we headed over after our sip and paint class (more on that tomorrow!) When we got to the restaurant, it was PACKED, so we put in our names and headed to the bar. In this very first interaction I was impressed. Rather than asking us what we wanted to order, the bartender asked us what taste we were looking for. Alex ended up being recommended a fabulous wheat beer, while I enjoyed a cider. Fun fact: Cider gets sweeter if you drink it over ice. The ice does something to the sugar in the drink!

We didn’t have to wait long before we were seated, and we ordered just about as quickly. We decided to share a few plates to get to taste more, because absolutely EVERYTHING looked fabulous. We started with their fries covered in garlic aioli, blue cheese, and uncured bacon. This disappeared SO fast… they were unbelievable!

Burger Bach Fries


Next up was the burgers. We decided to try one beef burger, and one lamb burger. The meat is all certified grass fed, and I was so excited to try the two different burgers we chose.

Burger Bach Burgers


The first burger we tried (on the left) was the Queenstown burger. This was the lamb burger, with”caramelized onions, Gruyere cheese, sautéed wild mushrooms, tarragon sauce.” We weren’t thrilled with this burger. My first reaction was how much the lamb tasted like beef, which isn’t an experience i’ve had before. The flavors didn’t pop here, and the onions and mushrooms ahd no flavor of their own. They added nothing but texture, which wasn’t enough to save this burger.

However, the second burger we tried might beat Shake Shack out for my new favorite burger. Called the “East Coast,” this burger featured “blueberry chipotle bbq sauce, uncured bacon, caramelized onions, garlic aioli.” The flavors in the burger were out of this world! The bbq sauce was tangy and spicy at the same time – you definitely tasted the blueberry. Especially after a sip of cider, the flavor in this burger popped. Both Alex and I agreed that when we go back, we will each get that burger ourselves as opposed to splitting a few options!

Overall, I would recommend Burger Bach to anyone looking for an amazing meal at a great price. We can’t wait to go back with my fiance and her husband for a double date!

Mondays With Mom!


Hi All,

Mom is feeling a bit somber today.  After waiting for what seems like a lifetime for some spring weather we finally got some for the past two days.  Today was supposed to be nice most of the day but it was gloomy from the get go.  And it only got worse.  It rained like crazy.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, and boy has it changed for me since the children were little.  We used to have so much fun making and decorating our eggs.  And then none of the kids would ever eat them.  They hated hard boiled eggs.


We did the traditional egg hunt first thing in the morning.  Stevie said to Taylor today that she always loved that egg hunt and how they could never find the last one which was always tucked away on top of the thermostat.  She said it happened every year.


There was always some marshmallow peeps, jelly beans (my favorite) and usually a small gift or two.  The bunny was as generous as he could be back in those lean times.  And of course, there was always those special Easter outfits and church.  We didn’t forget the real meaning of the holiday.

Flash forward to today…I mail the girls an iPhone wristlet and an iTunes gift card.  I purchased an online game for my son.  Saturday evening I sat and colored the eggs all by myself.  I don’t say that for pity, I would have been making hard boiled eggs for lunches in the week ahead anyway.  Everyone here eats them.


This Easter has not been without its blessings.  Stevie was here and that is always fun.  Fun rhymes with shopping, right?  My future son-in-law had a birthday on Easter, and by next year he will be my son-in-law.  Next weekend is the bridal shower and I am so excited for my dear daughter.

I hope all of you had a blessed day.  Even with all the rain, I know I did.


Mom xxxooo