A Guest Post From My Cat.


Guys, I am blogged out right now. I have about a billion projects due in the next 5 days, and my bridal shower is this Saturday (yay!) which means i’ll be out of town. Lucky for me, I have some excellent guest posters who are going to help me get through the next week. Rosie decided it would be only fair if she got to kick things off…


Hello, blog readers. I’m Rosie, the cat behind Colorful Commotion. Stevie doesn’t talk much about me, because she doesn’t want you all to know what a crazy cat lady she is, but, you can’t hide crazy. I wanted to get on here and do some cat defending, because all I ever see on the blogs mom reads are dogs.

You see, cats are much better than dogs for a ton of reasons. The first obviously being that you never have to take us outside in the snow or rain, but I’m here to share some lesser known facts…

1) Cats are excellent at working around the house. Mom had just made this bed when I knocked her humidifier over on it. Then she had to wash and dry all of the bedding. Good thing I got her moving!


2) Cats are excellent at reducing stress. Mom had homework to do, but i didn’t think it was all that important.


3) Cats are excellent at yoga. Enough said.


If there are any doubts left that cats are the greatest, then you and your dogs can go stand outside in the rain and suck it. Or, you can just come visit me and have your mind changed forever!

Also, my mom is totally a crazy cat lady. At least she snagged a man before she went totally nuts.


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