Mondays With Mom!


Hi All,

Mom is feeling a bit somber today.  After waiting for what seems like a lifetime for some spring weather we finally got some for the past two days.  Today was supposed to be nice most of the day but it was gloomy from the get go.  And it only got worse.  It rained like crazy.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, and boy has it changed for me since the children were little.  We used to have so much fun making and decorating our eggs.  And then none of the kids would ever eat them.  They hated hard boiled eggs.


We did the traditional egg hunt first thing in the morning.  Stevie said to Taylor today that she always loved that egg hunt and how they could never find the last one which was always tucked away on top of the thermostat.  She said it happened every year.


There was always some marshmallow peeps, jelly beans (my favorite) and usually a small gift or two.  The bunny was as generous as he could be back in those lean times.  And of course, there was always those special Easter outfits and church.  We didn’t forget the real meaning of the holiday.

Flash forward to today…I mail the girls an iPhone wristlet and an iTunes gift card.  I purchased an online game for my son.  Saturday evening I sat and colored the eggs all by myself.  I don’t say that for pity, I would have been making hard boiled eggs for lunches in the week ahead anyway.  Everyone here eats them.


This Easter has not been without its blessings.  Stevie was here and that is always fun.  Fun rhymes with shopping, right?  My future son-in-law had a birthday on Easter, and by next year he will be my son-in-law.  Next weekend is the bridal shower and I am so excited for my dear daughter.

I hope all of you had a blessed day.  Even with all the rain, I know I did.


Mom xxxooo


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