Friday Again


How did we get to yet another Friday? Most weeks i’m so grateful to be at the weekend, and this one is the same, but I’m also feeling like time is just FLYING past me. We are so close to the wedding now, it seems like every weekend we have something booked and I want to cherish this time as much as I possibly can.

This week, on top of my usual Friday post, i’m guest posting over on Catalyn’s blog while she visits NORWAY. Check it out. It involves the story behind this picture…


That being said, I have had a great past week and I have so much to share with all of you. There are posts to come on my time in Richmond, my day in DC, and some of the amazing restaurants and food I got to experience during that time. Until then, enjoy the highlights from my week, and ENJOY your weekend… time passes us by too quickly.


1) After a stressful wedding planning week, the shoes I fell in love with last weekend arrived on my doorstep with this sweet note. I’m so lucky to have such amazing people in my life!

2) Shades of pink nail polish make for fun spring pedicures!

3) Wine and painting with my best friend ❤

4) A sweet note from a great friend. Can you believe this stationary is from Target?! (LOVE that place!)

5) This delicious looking piece of meat is the East Coast burger, at my new favorite restaurant, Burger Bach. It’s not on their online menu yet, so I can’t wait to share the details with you next week!

As usual, i’m linking up with Lauren, and you should too!


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