I Believe in LOVE


I was hesitant about writing this post. This is a post about equality in marriage, but I’m so new to this blogging thing that I haven’t really decided how safe I feel posting about things that could strike a nerve. But, then I thought about it a little bit. Because I am a straight, white, American, I don’t often have to deal with controversial topics in my everyday life. But my friends who are gay & lesbian do. And who am I to choose when and where I support them?

Fiance and I had wanted to visit the Holocaust Museum while we had some time off, but we weren’t able to get tickets, that place gets SO busy! My friend Nick texted me and mentioned that he was going to be rallying in the city, and asked if we’d like to come along.

With my fiance being a history teacher and my future sister in law being a member of the LGBTQ community, we knew we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be a part of this huge historical movement. So, off we went. We heard some amazing speakers, saw some hilariously funny but true signs, and felt the power that comes from being in a group of dedicated people. Enjoy my photos from the day, and please, share your thoughts with me as well. I’m always interested in hearing peoples thoughts!

One of my favorite quotes from the day “If I can be committed to student loans for the rest of my life, why can’t I be committed to the person I love?”

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  1. I’m a new blogger. And like you, I’m trying to keep controversy out… but this is SUCH an important issue. BOTH of my little sisters are LGBT. How can I snuggle into my husband each night…. the person I CHOSE…. and NOT try to make sure thay they have the same right… to be with the person they CHOSE.

  2. Aw, I wish I would have known you were going to the Holocaust Museum! My husband works there and he gets a certain amount of tickets for family/friends every month. It’s an extremely busy museum and they run out of untimed tickets very quickly every day. 😦

    But I love you for this post!!!!! Thank you. Love makes life worth living. 🙂 xo

  3. Beautiful photos, Stevie! You’re incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to be there. (i.e. I’m jealous.)

    On another note, you MUST make it to the Holocaust Museum. I’ve been there twice at very different times in my life, and I’ve had two very different, but both incredibly meaningful experiences there. It’s emotionally exhausting, but worth it.

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