The New Man in My Life!


This past weekend, while in Richmond, I was able to meet up with a new blogger friend and her adorable son! I first met Jasmyne through Wifessional’s CaraBox, where we were partnered up and I got to spend time emailing and getting to know her. We quickly connected outside of that though, and she has become one of my absolute favorite people to email, tweet at, and now, text!

Now, the reason the title of this post involves the new man in my life is because her little man, only 6 months old, stole my heart. I couldn’t get enough of him from the moment I held him in my arms! He is such a lover, and the best baby EVER. Jasmyne has done some seriously stellar parenting!

I got to spend time with Jasmyne connecting about church, love, children, and, best of all, clothes (she had the CUTEST peplum top on!) Now that I have a good friend i’ll be visiting in Richmond often, I hope to get to see more of Jasmyne and little man. Enjoy some pictures from my very first “blate” and be sure to check out Jasmyne’s page as well!

IMG_3218 IMG_3220 IMG_0094 IMG_3225


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  1. I LOVE the picture of you two, its so cute!! I can’t wait for more visits!! Had such a good time, so the internet is good for somethings after all šŸ˜‰

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