Terrible Tuesdays


Yesterday I read a post on my girl Brooklyn’s blog about how to complain less. One tip was this:

2. Take a 10 minute time out.
Wanting to tweet about your awful day? Set your phone down and take 10 minutes to yourself. Meditate, take a 10 minute bath, crack open a can of Diet Coke, look up inspirational quotes. Do whatever it is that helps pull you out of a funk. Sometimes I need a good 45 minutes away from everyone and everything. Sometimes I tell my friends that I just need some time alone or I’ll say and do things I regret. People are generally pretty respectful of that and are usually impressed that you have that kind of self-control. 
So I did that. I was going to write this post last night, but I was SUPER cranky and knew it would be negative. So, I waited until now, taking my time out, but i’m still pretty cranky and so i’m going to vent about it.
Ya’ll, Tuesdays SUCK. I have 15 hour days on Tuesdays. I work and then go to 6 hours of class. Back to back. It’s insane! Today I happen to have a big project due, which means I didn’t go to bed until late last night. So, yeah, i’m cranky, but the reason i’m posting about it isn’t to share my misery, its to make me focus on the positives. So, in no particular order, here’s why i’m grateful for my Terrible Tuesdays.
  • I have a job to go to every day
  • I am enrolled in a highly accredited graduate program
  • I am just over one year away from finishing my degree and realizing my dream
  • I am smart enough to be in grad school doing the work on these major projects
  • When today is over, I will come home, snuggle with my fiance, and get a great night’s sleep, because of how tired I am from the day.
It feels good to put it all out in writing – and snaps me back into reality. Pardon me, while I head to class and enjoy my education!

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  1. Honestly this is why I play video games – its a great way to disconnect from the makes-me-want-to-paint-mustaches-on-billboard-people world. 🙂 Reading helps too. When in doubt cats are great stress relievers…well, at least when they’re not destroying your furniture or using the litter box… 🙂

    Be well Stevie. We’re rooting for you!

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