Mondays With Mom!


Hi Monday Fans!

Yes, I have spent all Sunday evening preparing for the week ahead.  I have containered (is that a word?)  Celery, strawberries, salad, chicken, asparagus, squash, and …oh dear the list goes on….

I was otherwise at a blank for what to write so I thought I would poll my family to help you get to know me a little better.

You will find this very interesting:

FYI:  They are in birth order and there are two daughters and then my son.


I asked my children what did they like about me? 

Stevie: I like that you are my friend and my Mom.  I like that you make me laugh and support me when I am upset.  You are the only person who can calm me down.

Paige:   I think you are good at sewing, your job, and handling panicking teenage girls like you did with me and Stevie.

Taylor:  I think you keep a neat house, you seem to know what people need, and you don’t judge people.  And you are a person of second chances.

I asked my children what they don’t like about me? 

Stevie:  I don’t like that you are my friend and my Mom.  Sometimes I want you to tell me what to do like a friend but you won’t because you want me to learn because you are my Mom.  I don’t like how you interrupt me.

Paige:  You are not the best cook in the world.  Except toast.  You make some mean toast.  But I really don’t like that you are always right.  Even when I don’t want you to be.

Taylor:  I don’t like when you over react.

So then I asked them….what is your favorite childhood memory with me? 

Stevie:  I loved the way we went to the town pool all the time in summer and we would turn the music up real loud and dance around and get ready.  You always sent me out back to get the towels off the line and I was terrified of bees.

Paige:  I loved that you took me into Stevie’s 1st grade class all the time because you were classroom Mom.  I loved how we colored and did arts and crafts all the time at home.

Taylor:  I loved when we used to lie in bed and watch Iron Chef.  I loved when we would sometimes eat our supper on trays, you and me and the girls, and watch TV.

Mom here finds these answers as no surprise.  I must fight the urge to defend myself on some of the counts but any Mom out there with more than one child is chuckling right along with me.

While I was at it I decided to ask my husband the exact same questions.


Here are his replies:

Like most:  You are a friendly happy person and we see the world and people the same way.

Like least:  How sometimes you have low self-esteem when you shouldn’t.  There is no reason for you to feel that way.

Favorite memory:  This was from our junior high days…I remember how hot you were with your big 70’s glasses and walking around in your gaucho pants and boots.  I remember talking on the phone for hours about nothing.  And giving you a Mr. Bill tshirt hoping it would make you like me.  I remember your Babe perfume and how much I adored you.

So there you have it.  Next week I will chime in and defend myself and answer all the same questions.  Oh and one more thing…containered is NOT a word. 


Mom xxxooo


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  1. You never asked your favorite SISTER what her answers would be. So here they are:

    What I like the most: You are far more wise than you realize. There are times when through all the noise of life, you can cut right to the main idea and say something so insightful it stops me in my tracks. I love that about you.

    What I like least: Probably the interrupting thing. Also that you’re so damn pretty. I figure it’s OK to say two things since you will take the second one as a compliment.

    Favorite childhood memory: Well, there are tons, since we shared the same childhood. But I’m going to say it was rocking out to “65 Love Affair” in the yellow bathroom.

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