The Future…


Lately, i’ve been seeing posts from a lot of different bloggers about blogging itself. How to’s, posts about what a negative comment can do, even posts about why they blog in the first place.

I’m getting ready to move this blog, and as I do, I wanted to take a step back and really think about what I want to do with my blogging. I started this blog when a friend encouraged me. I had always been an avid reader of blogs, and while the thought of joining the blogging community scared me, I also really wanted the friends and social aspects of blogging. I started my blog on WordPress, and have been happily blogging here for about three months. I’m getting ready to move over to Blogger, because it feels like a more social, less professional feeling community.

I pretty quickly got caught up in trying to be just like all the other blogs I read. These girls were all friends, it seemed. Tweeting at each other, going on “blates,” and I wanted to be part of that in crowd SO badly. I started joining giveaways, I started blogging about prescribed topics so that I could join linkups, and started submitting my buttons for ad spaces (which, luckily, I have never had to pay for!)

The point is this. My two most popular posts of all time are the post I wrote about bridesmaid dresses, and the post I wrote about my sister’s struggles. These two posts had nothing to do with a linkup, a giveaway, or anything but my honest, true words and thoughts. So, that got me thinking that maybe, just maybe, like my Aunt Liz said, my TRUE voice is something people would want to hear. It’s scary, but I need to admit that I haven’t been true to myself, and promise that I will be, moving forward.

I’ll make blog friends, eventually. I’ll maybe even go on a “blate” someday. But for right now, I need to blog for me. It’s like they say with relationships – you can’t expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself.

So, some things that are true to ME. You’re going to hear more about my cat, thats just a fact. I love doing my High Five for Friday posts, they won’t be going anywhere. And “Monday’s with Mom” is a staple on this blog. Maybe someday it’ll turn into a linkup, but for now I love that my Mom is a part of something I love doing. And i’m going to stop feeling like there are things I HAVE to post about. Maybe i’ll review my Birchbox this month, maybe I wont. Maybe i’ll cover all the aspects of my wedding planning, maybe I won’t. Maybe i’ll share my Weight Watchers journey with all of you, maybe that will be too personal.

The point is this: over the next few weeks, as my blogs move, i’ll be posting a little less but the content will mean so much more. I’m part of a really big giveaway coming up, and after that I don’t know what giveaways i’ll join or what linkups i’ll be a part of, but it won’t be because I want followers or because I feel like all the “cool” bloggers are doing it. I hope you stick with me for the ride!


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