Weekend Shenanigans!


This week, instead of “Monday’s With Mom,” I’m linking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans. Why? Because my mom took Monday off, and thats means from EVERYTHING. This week you will get to enjoy a very special “Tuesday with Mom.” Until then…

The weekend kicked off with a birthday happy hour for my girl Mandy. After last weekend in Blacksburg, drinking wasn’t appealing to me that much, but the restaurant we were at had incredible, WW friendly food and it was so nice to celebrate!


Of course, while I was celebrating I treated myself to this little gem on the GroopDealz blowout sale…online shopping via the iPhone is SO dangerous!


Since i’m old and we left happy hour at 8:30, we swung by Wegman’s to get some groceries, and decided to pick up a healthy treat. We had BIG plans to curl up watching HIMYM and eating this yummy dragonfruit, billed as “a mix between a kiwi and a pineapple.” Fiance and I decided it tasted more like a mix between celery and rubber. Not worth the $6 we paid for it. In fact, I think I should have been paid for forcing that crap down my throat.


But, while I was choking down exotic fruits, Rosie decided to snuggle and nothing bad happens when you have a Kitty.


Saturday was filled with ridiculous amounts of babysitting. Like, ten hours, multiple families. Luckily, more online phone shopping allowed me to pick up these tickets to see Train with some of my best friends this summer. An outdoor double date for $15 a person? I’m in.

Saturday night my silly Seester decided to FaceTime me to show me how the speakers through your nose thing worked. Couldn’t resist the screenshot… and subsequent Facebook post. Whoops.


We had a BEAUTIFUL sunny sunday. I broke out my Jacks and spent time outside on my porch, enjoying a new book and a glass of tea. I wanted that snow last week BADLY but now I really want Spring to stick around… these toes need some sunlight! (My uncle pointed out that I have a lot of space between my toes. I think i’m just lucky because I never need to get the awkward toe spacer things when I get a pedi!)


Last, but not least, I ended the weekend with some yummy fruit because I used all my WW points on Korean BBQ and I was still hungry. (I wasn’t really. I just wanted to keep eating.) Also, because fruit is really delicious. So is ice cream… but that waits for another day.



Hubs and I both have a half day today, and it’s spring break for me, so I’m planning on enjoying some Criminal Minds (Mondays are marathon days!) and enjoying more sunshine! Enjoy your week!


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