Tuesday with Mom


Hello All,
Thank you for your understanding about Mondays With Mom being on Tuesday this week. I enjoyed a long weekend with my dear husband. Everyone should do that every now and then!

image (13)

This past week my son turned 18. Ask anyone and they will tell you that my son has been the love of my life, the baby, the only son. I have always had high hopes and dreams for all my children but with him, it was different. I dreamed of instilling a confidence and knowledge of the world around him. I envisioned a young man who was kind to women and proud to be his own true self. I can’t say that these things did not come true but what I can say is that he did it in his own way. He has all of these traits, just uniquely doing it HIS way and not how I envisioned him to be. I shouldn’t be so surprised since that is exactly what his two older sisters did too. I have learned that my hopes and dreams are insightful, and my children have not let me down, but they have all done it their own way.

We spent Saturday making a 3 1/2 hour trip to Punxsutawny Pennsylvania. Yes, the same town where Mr. Groundhog predicts the arrival of spring.


image (12)image (11)

It is also the location of Indiana University of Pennsylvania Academy of Culinary Arts where my son hopes to attend post high school graduation. I do not fear him living this far away, I do not fear he will cut his hand off ( Ok, yes I kind of do), I don’t even fear he won’t make new friends and love the life he envisions for himself. I fear he won’t make it into the school in the first place. He has never had a girl break his heart, he has the best girlfriend in the world and has been with her the last three years. I fear I won’t know how to help him with the heartbreak if it should happen. I wish he would have planned ahead a little better.

image (14)

Everyone needs to practice planning ahead. I have all my lunches made and ready to go at the beginning of each week.That way I know I am getting a nutritious meal and saving money at the same time. It takes effort. most weekends are spent meal planning, shopping and preparing food. This isn’t the first time you have heard me say this, is it?

image (15)

I think I know what you are thinking. What about living life on the fly, taking risks and throwing caution out the window? You are correct that we cannot always plan ahead. One of my dearest friends woke up one morning, kissed her husband good bye and an hour later the police were at her door telling her he had been killed in a horrible accident. At that very moment her only son was serving in Iraq. Later that year she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the treatment would end up damaging her heart. If you asked her how she could have planned ahead for that she would tell you where to stick it.


Today she is one of the most generous and kind people I have ever met. And she does it without wanting an award or even to be mentioned. She would tell you that if tragedy strikes, the only thing you can do to plan ahead is to live the rest of your life to the best of your ability. Be kind to others. Volunteer.

This Mom wants her children to know this: Plan ahead. Be Kind. And know that your mother loves you more than anyone ever will.

Mom xxxooo


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