High Five for FRIDAY!


Another weekend is here! I’m spending my entire weekend babysitting, so I have extra money to spend when I hit Richmond at the end of the month to visit my BFF Alex. (Any Richmond bloggers want to meet up?!)

Anyway, this week was interesting… I was super exhausted from my weekend activities, and then got a snow day on Wednesday, which meant I slept/laid around all day and then felt more tired. Regardless, next week is spring break and I have big plans to knock the last few wedding things out of the park. My bridal shower is coming up and my goal was to have everything DONE by then. We’ll see…

high 5

1) Lets start with that beautiful road sign announcing Virginia Tech. It’s my new phone background. I love that place and i’m so glad it’s back in my life.

2) I made a KILLER snow day breakfast. Ham and cheese omelet, yogurt, and fruit. Who can say no to that? It was the perfect start to our day… at noon. And the whole thing was only 7 WW Points!

3) On Tuesday, I wanted snow so badly, I whipped out one of my toastier winter scarves. I was feeling lukewarm about it, but I got a TON of compliments so i’ll definitely be hanging on to this one!

4) My snow day view. We never left the apartment, and we “unplugged” for most of the day – it was a nice break from reality.

5) Some of my great friends on a night out in Blacksburg. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing group of people in my life!

I hope you enjoy your weekend, and your week… now that we’ve had a good snow i’m ready to break out my Jack’s and shorts… and start running outside again! Speaking of shorts and being outside, Lauren is in Florida right now, which means her High 5 is better than all of ours. Lucky Duck. Till next week…


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