The Time I Got Justin Timberlake Tickets


If you read this post a few weeks back, you know that I am perpetually stuck at 17 years old, and proud of it. I went and saw 98 Degrees with the Backstreet Boys and NKOTB in August, and it was top five in the best nights of my life.

In middle school, my good friend Kelly and I passed a purple composition book back and forth every change we got, proclaiming our love for the all too wonderful Lance Bass of *NSYNC. Now, our gaydar may not have been on point then, but we APPRECIATED boy bands the way they should be appreciated. We even had ticket stubs from the last time we saw *NSYNC, the “No Strings Attached” tour.

All of that aside, when I saw that Justin and Jay-Z had chosen Hershey, PA, as one of only 12 tour stops for the summer, there was absolutely no chance in HELL that I was going to miss that tour. I immediately reached out to Kelly and some other girlfriends, we agreed on a max ticket price, and I planned to be on the ticket site the minute tickets went on sale.

Perfect, right?


I started googling this tour and realized that tickets were going to sell out in no time flat. I was getting really anxious about not getting seats, let alone the ones we wanted. We would only have ONE shot at this, and I didn’t love that this was all on my shoulders. (Do you like how this sounds like a life or death situation? Talk about first world problems…)

Then, Kelly saved the day. We got our hands on some early access tickets, and I am proud to say that this August, JT and I will be reunited. Oh, and I get to go with 4 of my best girlfriends. Does it get much better than that?

I don’t think so.


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