The Wedding Diaries: Invitations


I’m not someone who cares all that much about invitations. I have to be honest and tell you that I just figured I’d order some off a website when the time came. I just don’t get spending a ton of money on high quality PAPER that will get thrown away later.

My friend and bridesmaid Alex was listening to me talk about this one night, and her response was “there was maybe one person invited to my wedding that appreciated the invitations I sent. I just dealt with what I wanted, and figured I had no control over what people thought.”

However, I did want our invitations to be a design I liked. I started looking over websites and realized I didn’t LOVE anything I was seeing. I emailed my wedding planner to ask her for some recommendations, and she mentioned the idea of having custom work done. Um… What?

My first reaction was that it would be WAY too expensive to have custom designed invitations. Not only that, I had no idea what I wanted… Just what I didn’t like. Regardless, I contacted the designer that was recommended to me, just to see what she could come up with.

I couldn’t believe the prices she quoted me for the quality of her work. We found a design she had already done that we LOVED. She is going to customize the color scheme for our wedding and do all of our invitations, RSVPs, info cards, menu cards, and programs for less than one of those bulk websites. AND it’s higher quality work.

Obviously I’m not going to show you the invitations now, because they aren’t done and I don’t want anyone to see them before they hit the mailbox. BUT the point of this post is to tell other brides out there to SHOP AROUND. Because we did a little research, we now have more room in our budget for other things!

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