Relay For Life


I couldn’t NOT do this post. Many of you have heard of THON, Penn State’s university wide philanthropy FTK (For the Kids). Check out this post from Kait if you want to learn more!

Anyway, Virginia Tech, my proud alma mater, does it’s own university wide philanthropy – except we choose to raise money for Relay for Life. Every year, Virginia Tech hosts the largest collegiate Relay for Life in the entire United States. This is a cause near and dear to my heart, one that my grandpa helped get off the ground in his days with the American Cancer Society, and one that my mom sees in action every day with her job at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge program.


My grandpa and me walking in my very first Relay for Life!

Right now, Virginia Tech is in TROUBLE. It’s beloved Hokie Bird has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom unless VT Relay can raise $20,ooo by Thursday. If the money isn’t raised, Hokie Bird won’t be able to cheer on his team at the HUGE VT vs Duke Rivalry game this Thursday night!



The Hokie Bird and Relay for Life mean so much to me! If you are willing to donate even $5 to help support the cause, click here. I promise this blog isn’t something I intend to use for this kind of thing often, but this is something I just couldn’t ignore!

Go Hokies, and let’s Win The Fight against cancer, and Create a World With More Birthdays!




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