Mondays with Mom


Hello Monday Readers!

This week I had a little trouble coming up with what Mondays with Mom should hold when all of a sudden it came to me.  When Stevie was home this weekend she brought me a beautiful watch.


Not exactly what i would have picked for myself but i have been learning to trust her youthful instincts and am going to give it a try as soon as I can get it down to the right size for me.  Today I am going to talk about TIME.  I work with seriously ill people and I have been know to say…Time is your greatest gift and your worst enemy.


It is a gift when granted more time with someone we love.  I can’t seem to ever get enough time with my children and husband and for that matter my adorable dog.  I often ask myself if i had nothing else to do, and I mean nothing would I still enjoy their company as much?  I say YES.  Nothing gives me more joy.


What would I do if I could turn back the hands of time?  and see my children little again?  What would I do for more time with my beloved parents?

On the flip side what will happen if I don’t get my mammogram on time?  Or if I ignore signals that tell me I should have a check up?  Even our cars, what happens if we don’t get the oil changed on time?

This afternoon I was moving my sewing basket contents to a new basket and of all things, I found a tooth.  What was a tooth doing in my sewing basket?  And the kids baby nail clippers?  The tooth had to be one of the kids but I have no idea which one.  I have so many fun memories of them losing teeth and the visits from the tooth fairy.  Time.  You see when you are young, you still believe in fairies and all that is good in the world.  They will stay in my sewing basket because i can think of no better place for them to be, right with something I love to do.


Every hour and half hour I have a clock in my living room that chimes.  The clock was given to my Mother by my Father the year I graduated high school, 1983.  I hated that thing because it was so loud and would wake me up at night, later it would wake the children on visits to Grammys and Pops.  Now when I hear that chime I remember how much I miss them.  I remember what an incredible strong influence they had on all of our lives.  They were two truly amazing people who were married 51 years when they left this earth in 2011.  Time.  It hurts and it heals.


This is also one of my wishes for Stevie and Terry.  That all this time spent planning their beautiful wedding day will give them the gift of more than 51 years of special times sharing their lives together.  Living, laughing, and loving.

If this Mom can leave you with some words of wisdom they would be this…embrace time.  You never know when it will come to you and in what form.  Take time today and every day to remember a special time in your life and give someone else the gift of time, maybe you let someone in front of you at the grocery store or maybe you remember your favorite Christmas.  Whatever form it takes for you, I am certain it will bring you great joy.

Until next TIME……Mom xxxooo


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  1. That made me laugh; several years ago I was going through a box of mementos with my mother and we found a plastic bag with discarded teeth. She couldn’t remember why or when she saved them, or even which sibling they belong to. I figured at least a few of them were mine so I took them home with me and keep them in a little box in my nightstand.

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