High Five for FRIDAY!


It’s FRIIIDDAAAYYY!!! Actually, my work Friday was yesterday and today is the first day of my weekend. Except, i’m getting a root canal in a few hours, so it’s not like i’m partying or anything. Keeping with the theme of fixing nasty roots, i’m getting my hair done tomorrow morning, which always makes a girl feel good. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen a lot of this weeks pictures, mostly because the pain i’ve been in waiting for this root canal has kept me from doing anything but laying on my couch and whining.Fiance is sick this week too, so it was lots of pho and tv and I LOVED it. Anyway, check out the highlights, and for those of you new to the blog, be sure to enter my Stella and Dot giveaway before it closes!!


1) Mega Stuffed Oreos. Yup, these exists, and yes, they are as delicious as you are imagining. Better, actually. The really great part is that you literally CAN’T binge eat these. You will be done after 2. They’re practically diet.

2) Valentine’s nails. All that couch potato-ing I was doing left me bored enough to paint these bad boys. Also, I’ve already chewed most of it off. Except the thumbs. Those are always the ones that stick really well.

3) Yes, Shake Shack, things DID get interesting. I just thought these buzzers were so cool! Also, 29 is a special number for me. It was meant to be.

4) Cayla and I WERE having fun taking pictures while we waited.. and then we weren’t. This is a not fun picture.

5) As of this morning, rooms are booked for the wedding… which means planning is DONE. There are little details that will need locked up along the way but we are finally finished with the big stuff! It feels SO good!


Be sure to head over to Lauren’s page to catch her weekend highlights, and be sure to enter the iPad Mini giveaway!


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