My Love Affairs


Boy Bands.

When I was younger, I was introduced to the glory that was a group of young, pre-pubescent men singing and dancing on one stage… and I was suckered in. My first love was Hanson, introduced to me by a neighbor. This was quickly followed by love for New Kids on The Block, *NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees. I did not discriminate. I know people had their favorites… but I swooned ever every. single. one.

So, on this Valentines Day, read along as I share stories of the men I refuse to stop loving, and the stories that go along with them.

Hanson, and my main man Taylor

2013-02-10 10.28.02 pm

Ladies, Taylor Hanson was the original crush in my life. I’m not sure I ever noticed boys before this, but I went full throttle with this crush. I used to throw birthday parties for him every year (March 14th, in case you forgot), where my neighbor Greer and I would eat only his favorite foods. I have an amazing Aunt who totally encouraged this crush, and I spent one summer living my dreams seeing Hanson every chance I got thanks to her. I still love Hanson, and their recent music and tours are INCREDIBLE.

Nick Carter – The Backstreet Boys

2013-02-10 10.30.52 pm

My crush on Nick hasn’t wavered over the years, despite the fact that his character sometimes has. I saw the Backstreet Boys for the first time when I was in 6th grade, and Nick’s super sexy crooner voice hooked me. My mom likes Nick too… because he has beautiful straight white teeth. Anyway, because of this shared crush, and the fact that I still get weak in the knees just from hearing the phrase “Boy Band,” my mom and I splurged on tickets tot he Summer Mic Tape Festival in Hershey this year… and I got to see my loves, 98 Degrees, BSB, and NKOTB all together. Live. All in one night. Can you say best night ever?


Justin Timberlake – *NSYNC

2013-02-10 10.32.19 pm

This was the HOLY GRAIL of crushes. The first time I realized I truly loved Justin, and not just *NSYNC as a whole, was the night I met him. Yes, thats right, I met Justin Timberlake. We shook hands and I melted onto the floor. For like, 5 seconds until a security guard ushered me away. Doesn’t matter. It was just one of those moments. I have my very first *NSYNC CD autographed, and I still think they are the best thing since sliced bread. Every time I see Justin performing now, I hope and pray the rest of *NSYNC will rise from the ground. How is it that all of these boy bands have reunited, but *NSYNC leaves us hanging? Maybe thats why we love them the most. Who knows.


And how about JT at the Grammys this past weekend? Pure perfection. And Justin, when you’re ready to act on that spark we had back in 1998… you just let me know. I’ll be waiting.


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  1. Hahah I love this. I remember seeing N*Sync in 1999, the year after my family moved to Virginia. I will never forget that their opening act was Jordan McKnight. He said as he came out on stage “HERSHEY PENNSYLVANIA, CAN I GIVE IT TO YOU?!” Still makes me laugh to this day.

  2. Around this time, my mom was concerned about our friendship because she thought you were a little boy-crazy and was afraid we’d get into some trouble… lol

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