Cayla Does DC


This title is a little misleading… you see, DC sort of kicked us down and stomped all over us. But… we’ll get back to that.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you know that Cayla and I are both real life and blog BFF’s. I know, i’m a lucky girl. You also know that I have a love affair with Shake Shack, due 100% to the fact that Cayla insisted I venture into DC a few months ago to try it.

Well, Cayla and I have been trying to make a weekend get together happen in one of our cities since college. It’s not easy, we’re both busy and live far enough apart that it requires planning… but this weekend was well worth the wait!

Cayla, Fiance and I started out Saturday by purchasing a full day metro pass and planning to hit DC – starting with Shake Shack. The plans for the day included cupcakes, shopping, and a girls night out. We jumped on the metro and started the long trip into Dupont to enjoy our burgers.

You guys, DC’s metro is MESSED UP. It took us almost 2 hours to get to Shake Shack, and by the time we finished way, way too much food, we had no desire to play the metro waiting game anymore than we needed to, and decided to just head back to my apartment. The entire round trip adventure was 5 hours. I’m not saying Shake Shack wasn’t worth it – it was. It just took the wind out of our sails. Quickly.

Luckily, Cayla and I share a brain, and we made a long day into an amazing night, hitting up Trader Joes, Wegmans for some custom sushi, Nordstrom Rack for some killer shopping, and ended the night with far too much wine that we drank out of martini glasses. Whoops. All in all – an amazing weekend. And, another example of the bright spot when life makes a mess – our plans didn’t work out at all.. but we made the weekend great for US!


Waiting for the metro.. the beginning of a long trip!


At the best place that ever existed… SHAKE SHACK!



Shack. Burger.



Killer $6 malbec



Healthy snacks… unless you eat the whole bag.


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  1. so happy I made it into DC… finally! We totally could have roughed-it and stayed in DC longer, but our Shack BurgerS and cheese fries def. put us into one heck of a food coma!

    I’m happy with massive food adventures and making fun of Teen Mom 2 while drinking wine — ANY day! We sure know how to entertain ourselves, and you sure know how to talk me into buying way too many outfits at Nordstrom Rack! #friends #bff #ShackBurgerFoodComa

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