Budget Style!


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a luncheon in the DC Metro area, courtesy of my awesome bosses. This even was called “Conversations with Prominent Women” and was hosted by Success in The City’s Cynthia Di Lorenzi. You guys, I cannot even begin to explain how fun this was! The guest speaker was Kate Bennett, of Washingtonian Magazine, and the “Best Dressed List” in DC each year.

Now, being on the budget I am, the idea of this luncheon was a little daunting… be well dressed, but don’t spend money. Right. We’ve all been there. As soon as we feel the pressure is on, everything in our closet sucks.

So, I scoured my closet for a while and came up with a cute dress from the Banana Republic outlet that I had gotten over Christmas. It was cute, but it wasn’t all there. So, to spruce it up, I went back to the outlet and picked up a scarf that matched the dress PERFECTLY. Ladies, I am damn proud to say that I pulled this whole outfit together for under $30 and it was a HIT!


As far as the luncheon went, if you ever have the opportunity to attend any of Cynthia’s events, I say PLEASE do. She brings together an amazing group of women and I had a blast!


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