Mondays with Mom!


Another week, another great lesson from my mom. Check it out!

Hi Friends, its Mom again!

Last week I promised you I would tell you all about my new sewing machine.  And that is what I plan on doing… but I also wanted to share with you something that opened my eyes today.  And that is: what is OLD and what is NEW is not really that far apart.  I am not talking about your old Nikes that you have had for two years, I am talking about over generations.  Everything I share with you today will show you exactly what I mean.

First, lets talk about sewing.   For those of you out there that don’t know what I am talking about, you can actually make clothing, accessories, home decor and so much more.  You really don’t have to go to the mall!  But then again sewing is kind of a lost art and I understand that many of you do not know or may not even want to know how to make your own things. For me, I get satisfaction out of creating.  I love making things my own.  And making the old look new!

Rewind just a little.  I learned how to sew when I was eight years old.  I made all kinds of things up to and including my senior prom dress.  I certainly didn’t have that secret panic that someone else just might have purchased the same dress as I did.  I knew they didn’t.  I made some things for Stevie when she was little (even back then she loved that her dress I made her had a matching hair bow) and after that I didn’t have much time  with two more kids in the house.  But I still took things in that were too big or hemmed what was too short or replaced a zipper here and there.  I was called time after time to alter dance recital costumes.  Over the years it was curtains or things like that but nothing serious.  Two weeks ago it was the duvet cover I was making when I realized my machine was fried.  And my Mom’s oldie but goodie worked and finished the job.  Thank you Mom for teaching me the gift of sewing and creating, your spirit is with me each and every time I get that machine out.  

When my darling husband suggested I get a new machine, I decided to try again.  Bring creating back into my life through sewing.  First I had purchased a standard Singer.


If you know what the wooden thing in this picture is, enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a $10 Stella and Dot gift card!

Then went home and did a little research.  One blog said…”if you are hesitating about purchasing the new Brother Project Runway machine because you think you don’t need all the gadgets, DON’T!”  It was the best rated everywhere I looked and the same price as the Singer I had purchased.  The Singer went back and the Brother found a new home with me!


It is so easy to use and does so many things.  Sewing has come a long way!  82 different stitches, 4 automatic button holes, and it even threads the needle!  Who would have ever thought that when I was adjusting the tension just so on my Moms machine, that there was one out there that does it all for you and then some.   My first dip into my new sewing future came with my husbands grandmothers antique chair.  I love antiques but when he brought this beauty into the house I thought I would puke. Which would have been easy since the chair was the same color.


My idea was that if I could incorporate the colors in the chair subtly and  then into other accessories while adding similar shades of more vibrant colors, I could bring that chair back to life.  Tonight I made the first throw pillow to start my plan and I am pleased with the results.


I also purchased a very easy pattern for a cute jumper (this is Stevie… jumper means dress. Only my mom…) and matching bag and picked out some fabric.  It is very Jacki-O ish for the older folks out there.  I bought enough for me to make as many mistakes as I want and to make my little dog a matching bandanna.  Stay posted to see what unfolds….


Onto my latest acquisition…my company changed our cell phone plans and I was able to upgrade my old cell phone I have been using since 2008 to a new iPhone 5.  The transition hasn’t been easy, but I am getting there.


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  1. Love that your mom blogs on here! My mom and I are SUPER close too and so I think I’m going to have to get her to blog sometime! My mom is getting an iPhone in a month and that’s going to be an experience! haha! So excited to “meet” you and all the other bloggers from the big and little network

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