High Five For Friday!


Thank god it’s Friday. This week has legitimately kicked me in the face. I have been in bed by 9:30 most nights, and I still feel like a zombie. I got in a minor car accident on Wednesday, and the high school kid I hit asked what grade I was in. While I was wearing my staff ID badge. I know, I know, appreciate it while I can. But really, i’m sick of looking like a baby.

Enough with the whining. Here are some highlights… and great things to come!

20130208-095122.jpg1) Sunday night’s Superbowl Party was the most fun i’ve had in a while. I think I gained an actual 5 pounds. It might also be the reason I felt like I couldn’t catch up on sleep all week.

2) National School Counseling Week! As a future school counselor, this week means so much to me. Spent time advocating, celebrating, and filling up “buckets” with kind words and thoughts!

3) It felt like Christmas at my apartment this week. All of my Stella and Dot stuff came in!

4) Two of my new bracelets… check out the S&D link above if you’re interested… this is the Eden Cuff and Julep Bangle in Navy

5) Cayla is coming to visit and we have big plans to gorge ourselves on Shake Shack and Georgetown Cupcakes. I love this weekend already ❤


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