High Five for Friday!


It’s FRIDAY! I’m so excited for this weekend, to spend time with Fiance, start our wedding registries, and veg out with my famous chili dip in time for the superbowl. And by famous, I mean easy, so we eat it too often.

I’m linking up with Lauren again this week, and a bunch of other lovely lady bloggers. So, here’s some of this weeks highs…

image (9)

1) Virginia weather has been ALL OVER THE PLACE this week. No kidding, on Monday Fiance had a snow day, then Wednesday I wore a dress because it was 60 degrees, today we have snow. Regardless, I took advantage of the nice day to get outside and run!

2) Norah was the first new friend I made when we moved up to the DC area. We’ve worked together every day for almost 6 months now, and she’s headed onto AMAZING things with a new job. We had night out to celebrate her opportunities and toast to our friendship!

3) I love iced coffee, but I get frowned at when it’s snowy and I ordered it. Wednesday’s warm weather made it totally acceptable!

4) A road trip with Fiance to do our catering tasting was the perfect start to this week!

5) I signed up to be a Stella and Dot stylist! I’m planning on hosting some giveaways and promotions in the near future, so keep an eye on the blog!



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