Apartment Life


Let me start this post off by saying this is an excellent example of why I call this blog “Colorful Commotion.” I always try to find a bright spot in the ball of crap that life can be. And right now, i’m trying REALLY REALLY hard.

In college, Fiance and I moved in together my junior year. We looked high and low for the right apartment in our college town, and ended up moving to a community that was a little further from campus and downtown, but gave us the most value, space, and comfort for our money. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were in apartment heaven. Excuse me while I reminisce…


Our old living room. It was about the same size as my whole apartment is now.


Some of my best friends all in the same place


Random shopping carts outside our patio. Yes, I even miss this.


Beautiful snowy Blacksburg…

I guess I should let you know that all of this Blacksburg nostalgia has been brought on by the fact that last night, our kitchen sink leaked underneath, all over the floor. The call we made to maintenance was the 4th since the new year. We have had no hot water, no power, no privacy for so many weeks now that I feel like the maintenance team should be splitting our rent. And yet, I feel like I can’t complain, because we scored this place with low rent and a timeline we absolutely had to have.

So, where is the bright spot in this mess? Well, the immediate bright spot is that knowing maintenance essentially lives here has made me keep my apartment really clean. The bigger bright spot? We live in the place we wanted to live all four years of college. We have a maintenance company that comes quickly and eventually fixes the problem.

I guess the real bright spot is that by the end of the month, we’ll essentially have a brand freaking spanking new apartment. THAT WE NEVER ASKED FOR.

Guess i’m not feeling so bright and shiny after all.

I guess it doesn’t need to be said that I spent my time waiting for the maintenance team planning my next trip to Blacksburg.


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