Why my job ROCS!


If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or read my blog regularly, you know that I talk a lot about my job. I REALLY love my job. I know it sounds silly to love a part time job, but I do, I can’t help it.

So what is it that I do? I work for a staffing agency called Responsible Outgoing College Students, or ROCS. We help recent grads get jobs in DC and Northern VA. Simple as that.

What makes us different is that we work specifically with recent grads, and entry level positions. We recruit students directly from job fairs, so companies get only the best candidates sent to them. It’s zero cost to the recent grads, and no cost to employers until we find them a candidate they love.

I love my job because I do business development, which means I get to be on the phone all. day. long. And for a talker like me, thats a huge plus. There are a lot of other perks too! I get to go to networking events, meet business people throughout the area, attend sporting events, and go on outings with my co-workers. We’re a small office, so it’s pretty tight knit.

The best part about ROCS? They care about their employees. Most of you know i’m a full time graduate student, and ROCS is working with me to assure I can continue to work and pay my bills while I go to school. It’s a pretty nice setup.

Enjoy some pictures that demonstrate how awesome ROCS is, and if you need a job in the DC/Northern VA area… sign up and apply with ROCS!





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