Mondays with Mom!


Hello Friends,

Its Monday again and here I am!  Last week I shared with you the ins and outs of aging skin.  To all readers young and old.  If you haven’t heard it enough…sunscreen.  If all of us out there would use sunscreen faithfully, there would be no need for anti aging products.  We would all age gracefully and carry a youthful glow throughout our lives.  The generation I believe most readers here probably are have grown up knowing this to be fact, they did not set foot outside without that medicinal smelling white stuff plastered all over them.  Nowadays the products have advanced to not just sunscreen, but certain kinds for faces, and bodies.  They have put it into our moisturizers and make up and even hair products.  To this day, I actually find the scent of sunscreen pleasant and soothing.  It takes me back to when my children were young and is as delightful to me as the beachy scent of coconut and sand.

Stevie & Mom

Stevie and I when she was a baby!

As for my face,I haven’t seen a big difference, but I do feel it.  Sadly I cannot say which of the products have given me the baby bottom smooth skin on my face but it must be working.  More to come on that one….

Today was spent tasting foods for Stevie’s wedding.  Stevie, her Fiance, Dixie, and I dined privately selecting the dishes to be served  on that special day.  How fun is that???  Events, etc sure knows how to make it taste and look fantastic.  I strongly recommend this step to any of you out there who will need catering.  Unfortunately I cannot tell you what we chose or it won’t be a surprise!  But I can assure you it will be delicious!

Check out the necklace that Stevie and I purchased today.  How appropriate for her and where her life is headed.  And for our relationship.  I love and respect her more than I can ever say.


Necklace from J.Crew

Is it any wonder wiki says this:

Elephant variously interpreted as advice needed; good luck (trunk up); obstacles overcome; remembrance; slow ascent to success; strength; power and wisdom.

Have a great week!


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