January Cara Box


Since starting this blog, Kaitlyn has been a great source of advice! She talks about everything from how to grow your blog, to being a newlywed, to budget meals and I LOVE her blog. One of the great things she does is connect bloggers to each other to help grow our networks, make friends, and really make someone feel special, with a little gift sent each month. This program is call a Cara Box, and it is easily my favorite part of blogging so far!

This month, my box was sent to me from the super sweet Kaela, who I have absolutely loved getting to know and sharing stories with! Kaela and I discovered a few weeks into our emailing that we don’t live all that far apart, and we share a LOT of similar interests! I was so lucky to have her for my first Cara Box and can’t wait to show you the great stuff she sent me!

January’s box theme was resolutions. Kaela referred to my resolutions blog post, as well as some of the stuff I shared with her through emails… so, here is my AMAZING Cara Box!


Look at all this stuff! She is SO sweet!!!


Adorable note cards to stay in touch… you can bet i’m sending the first one to Kaela!


An ADORABLE “M” notepad… my married last name will start with an “M” and I love collecting the stuff!


A planner… i’m going to use it for blogging organization!


Tea, for the nights when grad school and wedding planning stress me out


For when I just need to pamper myself… also i’m really embarrassed about the cat hair in this picture.


When the tea doesn’t cut it… chocolate sure will!


How CUTE is this picture frame? I can’t wait to put a wedding picture in it!


Very possibly the best thing in my box. This CD is one of the best running mixes EVER and it includes some of my very favorite songs!


A journal! I love to journal and definitely needed a new one. So sweet!


And, last but not least, the “M” for our new home when we move after the wedding. LOVE IT!

Head on over to Kaitlyn’s page if you want to join up with next months Cara Box, and head over to Brooke’s blog to see what I sent her!

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