Disposable Diaries


One of the best things about blogging, so far as I can tell, is getting to meet such amazing people from all over the place with amazing thoughts, ideas, and words to share. Two of my favorite bloggers, Jess and Meg mentioned this Disposable Diaries linkup on their blogs last week, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to whip out an old school favorite. I’m incredibly nostalgic and I love photography… but I will tell you this little experiment made me grateful for more modern technology!

From Jess’s blog “Y’all remember the days of disposable cameras, right? I used to bring them to middle school and snap pictures in every period, between periods, at lunch, at school dances…anywhere & everywhere. And then I would beg my parents to take me to Walgreens to get the film developed. Waiting that hour to get those pictures in my little hands was pure agony. I always made sure to get double prints so I could share & trade with my friends. It was glorious”

Some things I experienced during this disposable journey:

-People give you weird looks when you whip out a disposable – I felt like I had to explain what I was doing all the time!

-My camera cut off the top of like, 80% of my pictures. Not that I could have known while I was taking them…

-The woman who developed my pictures at CVS asked me how old the camera was. She assumed I had found an old camera that needed developed.

-No one was as excited about this as I was.

Now, since I know you’re all DYING to see them… here are the highlights (aka the pictures that didn’t get weirdly cropped) from my disposable adventure!


My girl Norah the night I bought the camera… she thinks i’m nuts but she loves me anyway!


Bowling after sleeping in WAY too late. A perfect lazy day


My friend Holly’s ADORABLE baby. I love my little E so so much!


My best friend’s dad’s new car. He is uber cool. it’s a good plate.


Sam, the dental assistant that made my root canal seem easy. She’s easily my favorite person from the past week.


Boys night watching movies on the couch

Be sure to check out Jess and Meg’s blogs to see who else linked up!


One response »

    So cute!

    And I’m so glad that I wasn’t the only one getting weird looks…seriously lol

    Thanks for linking up, girl!

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