Mondays With Mom


Welcome to the new best part of your week, ladies and gents. I’m happy to introduce you to Mondays With Mom! My mom, Andrea, is one of the single greatest people I know. She’s funny, smart… and best of all, she wants to write one of my posts every week. Best. Mom. Ever. I’ll let her tell you all about herself!

Hello friends,

I would like to introduce myself, I am Stevie’s Mom, Andrea.


When Stevie got started with this blogging thing I wasn’t sure about how it worked.  I am still not sure as I would only describe myself as about half tech savvy for my age.  If we decide to keep Mondays with Mom going, you will hear me refer to myself as “old” or “aging” from time to time.  Let me make one thing clear, I know I am not old.  At 47 I am young to have a daughter of 25, but that doesn’t stop me from sharing my wisdom with her and her peers.  My reference to being “old” probably is only because you might believe me more when I’m offering up such motherly advice.

That being said I don’t think there is a reader out there who will not want to hear what I have to say on Mondays.  It will be very similar to my dear daughter Stevies, just with a different twist.  You will hear me talk about things the are more akin to my age and how it relates to readers my daughters age.  Perhaps you have never thought of Mom’s point of view?  or perhaps you choose not to think of her point of view.  I promise to offer all the things a Mom would but without the nagging irritating way some Moms can be.  And if I ever veer that way – lets face it, I have three children, feel free to remind me that I came here to provide that youthful older perspective.

When Monday’s with Mom was inspired, it came from the day I got my Birchbox, which I know you all hear Stevie talk about.  When I signed up with my two daughters I answered all the profile questions honestly.  What a mistake!  I have received at least 2 to 3 anti-aging products in every box I get.  Every month I say to Stevie that I think its time I stopped mine.  I can’t possibly use all those anti-aging products if I live to be 100.  Plus,  I have been blessed with great skin my whole life.  I haven’t even started the slow decline of purchasing anything anti-aging for myself.

"Notice the perfume called Ageless which I really liked but can't get anymore. And who said that my old skin was dry?"

“Notice the perfume called Ageless which I really liked but can’t get anymore. And who said that my old skin was dry?”

So I came up with an idea, I am going to try a different one every couple nights and see which one works best.  I have a goal of how I expect I will turn out.


Maybe I won’t cancel that subscription after all???


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