High 5 For Friday!


It’s the WEEKEND! And, even better, it’s a 3 day weekend!! Living near DC, all anyone can talk about is the upcoming inauguration, but all I can think about is a whole day home with my fiancé. I have plans to make a yummy beef stew, catch up on the DVR, and prepare for my semester – which starts Tuesday. I hope you all have good weekend plans too, enjoy catching up on my week!!


1) I finally wore this necklace my soon to be mother in law got me for Christmas. I had it on my wish list and love it SO much… It literally brought a smile to my face just to have it on.

2) I’m doing a really cool blog link up with Jessica and Meg next week, and it involves carrying a disposable camera around all of this week… Talk about weird looks. People think I’m nuts. But I can’t WAIT to get these developed!

3) I got to spend some quality time with Cayla this week, and as an added bonus, got some kisses from the man in her life, Hudson. What a hunk!

4) A surprise early bridal shower gift from one of my very best friends and bridesmaids, Alex, arrived at my doorstep this week. White Jack Rogers are officially in the running for my wedding shoes!!

5) This week, my boss gave me the opportunity to sign up for an event featuring the woman who edits the Washingtonian’s best dressed list AND Washington’s bride and groom magazine. I could not be more excited… And I can’t wait to comb my closet to figure out what to wear!!

Head on over to Lauren’s page to catch the rest of this link up and see her High Five For Friday!


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  1. Girl! That’s an awesome opportunity that your boss is giving you! Excited to see what you choose to wear 🙂 Andddd of course, I couldn’t be more excited for you to link up with us for Disposable Diaries! I’ve been snapping pictures all week!


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