High 5 For Friday!


THANK GOD it’s Friday. I’m not even kidding. I’m pretty sure this has been an 11 day week. I mentioned last week that my hot water heater busted all over the apartment? It’s but nothing but trouble since then. As of when I left for work today, my apartment not only has no hot water, it has no power. So, that is just a really great way to head into the weekend, huh?

Anyway, it makes me grateful that I do these posts, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t remember ANY of the positives from my week, I swear. So, without further ado…



1) Guys, my real life AND blog BFF Cayla has been telling me about this chocolate that Hershey’s is selling now… I got a bar and it is DELISH. Just a little piece during that 2 o’clock clump at work and you are good to go. Plus, when is chocolate ever bad?

2) My sister’s BF’s new puppy, Baron. He’s 5 lbs of hair and energy. He’s SO sweet!

3) More Cayla! This cute purse iPhone holder and the sweetest care EVER arrived in the mail yesterday for my birthday. I love it!

4) I know i’ve said it before, but I have a cool job. I really love my work! Last night I felt like a VIP at the GMU basketball game!

5) Wedding stuff is getting checked off the list! Last weekend my aunt helped me find a gorgeous vintage wedding band, and tomorrow we are going out to make tux decisions for the groomsmen. It’s so soon!


Be sure to link up with Lauren to share your highlights too!



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  1. so happy you love your new cell phone case… and btw that dog is adorable! Arik is obsessed with long haired daschunds… he used to have one when he lived in LA and his name was Byron. how adorable. although i heard this dog used to poop every where and chew on clothing.

  2. Oh, that puppy is super cute! Love the bright, bold colors on your blog! Happy blogging and congrats on the upcoming wedding. Can’t wait to see more posts as it gets closer.

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