The Wedding Diaries: Bridesmaid Dresses


The dreaded bridesmaid dress. Every girls favorite, and then least favorite, part of being a bridesmaid. They are expensive, they are almost always not something that anyone would EVER wear again… and lets be honest, most of them are ugly. Now, i’ve been lucky that I haven’t been forced to wear awful dresses in the weddings i’ve been in, but I can’t say the same for some of my friends. So, my first goal as a bride was to find a dress that wasn’t a bridesmaid dress. I think i’m allergic to chiffon, bows, poofy things, and satin on dresses. I hated every single one my friends tried on. Seriously… who picks these dresses?!



I was getting frustrated, and fast. I wanted to find an affordable dress, that didn’t look like crap, and really, the goal was to be able to wear it again. A wedding I was in recently had us wearing great dresses from J.Crew, so I headed over there to look at their dress selection. I liked some of what I was seeing… but I knew looks could be deceiving. So I packed up my BFF and bridesmaid Mel, and dragged her into Georgetown to try on some dresses. Thank god she’s a perfect sample size, because J.Crew didn’t have other sizes to try on! Despite the limited sizes, I was able to see the colors and the fit of the dresses, and found a dress I really liked. A few weeks later, the dress went on major sale, and all of my bridesmaids were able to get their dresses at a great price!

So, here is the dress we chose. Why do I love it so much?  Well, the dress is cotton, for starters. The sash is not attached, so it doesn’t always have to look like wedding attire. The scoop neck makes it casual enough to wear out, or you could throw a blazer over it and wear it to work. Oh, and the best part… it has pockets.



My bridesmaids have all told me how much they love it, and I love the color and casual style. Now, if I can just find the mens attire… but that’s for another post!


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  1. ugh, bridesmaid dresses are the WORST. And why do the companies make them so poor-fitting and poor-quality!?!

    Kudos on finding an affordable and wearable option for your girls 🙂

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