My First Pho


It started out slowly. I’d see people on Facebook post about pho. I’d see people complain about the lack of Pho in my tiny college town. Then I moved to the DC area and I felt like it was all I ever heard about.

So what is Pho? Let me answer that for you, because you KNOW I did my research before I went and spent any money on it. I am not a fan of “outside the box” food so I didn’t want to deal with veggies I hadn’t heard of, any meats I wasn’t familiar with, or spices I wasn’t sure of. I know, I know… if i’m so picky, why bother?

Anyway, I did some research on Pho and found out that all that comes in the bowl is onions, scallions, noodles, broth, and your meat of choice. Any additions were up to you, and there were a lot to choose from!

So, last night, I rounded up Fiance, my sister, and her boyfriend and dragged them with me to try Pho at a local restaurant. I ordered myself a large Pho with flank, although I was a little hesitant to have any meat, because the idea is that the meat cooks in the broth and I was scared to have my food undercooked.

First, the waiter brought out this plate:

image (1)This plate features bean sprouts, basil, lime wedges, and jalapenos. All of these are things that can be added into the hot pho broth to enhance the flavor to your liking.

Then came the bowl i’d been waiting for – my pho!

image (2)HOW GOOD DOES THAT LOOK?! I just about died smelling the broth. The noodles were an incredible texture and the depth of the broth has no words. The meat was fully cooked, and the scallions blended nicely with the lime wedges I added. I also took a chance and added some Hoisin sauce – yummy! It was the right mix of savory and tangy, and I couldn’t get enough! And, at just $8 for this HUGE bowl, this is a meal I can definitely afford, even on my tight budget!

Afterward, we walked next door to Sweet Frog to cleanse our palettes a little. I LOVE Sweet Frog, so I have to force myself to go there sparingly, and only get a small. Last night I enjoyed the plain tart yogurt with some strawberry yogurt mixed in, with strawberries, passionfruit juice poppers, chocolate shavings, and marshmallow creme. Say what you want – It was delicious!

image (3)

To wrap up, here is a picture of me and my best friend – my sister. image (4)

If you haven’t tried Pho yet, you really should. Check out Yelp for a place near you with good reviews, and give it a try. It’s delicious and the kind of experience you won’t soon forget!


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