December Birchbox Reveal


I KNOW this is super late. Between wrapping up my last semester and all the traveling I did for the holidays, I just didn’t get to this. BUT December was a great Birchbox month and I can’t wait to share it with you.

If you don’t already know, Birchbox is a monthly subscription service that sends you high end beauty samples (and sometimes full sized products!) for $10 a month. You get products tailored to you and when you review the products, you earn points that you can use for FREE STUFF in the Birchbox shop online. Truly, this is a win win situation. I love it. If you are interested in signing up, click here! There is currently a wait list but it moves really fast!

So, this months theme was “All Wrapped Up.” It was all about getting you to look and feel your best – and the box was decorated really nicely as well. Thanks, Birchbox, for the cute packaging!


So, this was my whole box for the month. It was a hefty one, with a lot of extra samples!


The first thing that catches my eye in every box is the card that tells me about each one of my samples. I love reading about them, and learning just how much value i’m really getting for my $10 a month – trust me when I tell you it’s a lot! This month Birchbox put a really cute paper gift tag in as well, which made a special Christmas present extra special.


Next was a Rent the Runway gift card. I’m thankful for the huge discount, but honestly, if i’m going to spend that much on a dress… it better be staying in my closet. If anyone is interested in this, let me know, and i’ll send the code your way!


Next, we move onto the lip gloss. I have seen this in other people’s boxes in other months, and couldn’t WAIT to get it. Let me tell you, it was worth the wait! The flavor is Pomegranate and Fig, and not only does it moisturize, it tastes GREAT! Fiance usually hates when I wear lip gloss, and he didn’t mind kissing me this time!


My Birchbox also included a little something for Fiance this month, a yummy cologne that is the male counterpart to the perfume I received. It’s strong, so a little goes a long way, but Fiance loved it, and with a birthday coming up… this could be a great way to use my Birchbox points… 🙂


Here is the perfume I got as well. I usually prefer fruiter scents, but this single note fragrance smells like lilies, and isn’t too “grandma” floral scented. I’m going to use this one, for sure.


We aren’t done yet! I got a great foot cream that I really enjoyed using, because the worst part about winter for me is dry skin and DRY FEET. Between running and the cold winter air, my feet get destroyed in the winter, and this was a great treat!


Ok, we’re wrapping up here. The next sample was a clarifying shampoo. I loved it so much, after only one try, that I bragged about it to my friends and family, and they gave me their samples as well! I am set for shampoo for quite a while, and this is a GREAT one to have!


Ok guys, I saved the best for last. I’m a little bit of a makeup snob – I use Bare Minerals, MAC, and a BB cream – and nothing else. I hate drugstore brands for no particular reason at all, and I haven’t changed up a single part of my makeup routine in months. But when my mom called me to brag about the blush she got in her Birchbox, I HAD to give it a try… and WOW is it awesome! I have been using this every single day and already ordered my full size sample – it gives the perfect hint of flushed cheeks with some warmth for glow underneath. I might never go back!


I hope all of you enjoyed your Birchboxes this month as much as I did – and if you want to join Birchbox, just click on the link at the top of the page!


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  1. i remember when rent the runway was literally just starting out — it’s such a brilliant idea and at the time dress i think started between renting $50 to $100 for the weekend. it makes sense if you are needing the dresses for events where the same people will be seeing you — and when i say people, i mean people you are trying to impress. if my friends are the ones seeing me at the same weddings, i have no problem sporting the same cocktail dress multiple times but changing up the shoes and accessories! 🙂 it was nice that they gave you a $50 gift card though! i wonder if there are any dresses these days in that price range! (But think about it, most girls only wear their prom dress once, so rent the runway might be a good idea for a prom?)

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