The Wedding Diares: Do I Need A Wedding Planner?


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me tell you. I have said over and over, from day one, that I’m not the kind of bride who is going to stress over details. Not the kind of bride who cares if her napkins are the right shade, what her flowers look like, or if her bridesmaids have matching shoes. And about 75% of the time, I even believe myself.

My fiance and I planned a long engagement, because we knew wedding planning from a distance would make things difficult. As I mentioned in a previous post, we ended up booking a majority of our vendors in one weekend… but that didn’t take all the stress away. We went to the wedding of one of our best friends in June, and quickly realized that a wedding was so much more than we ever realized. The greatest thing we learned at that wedding? Our friend had kept her sanity because she hired a wedding planner!

We spent the whole 7 hour drive home from the wedding discussing if we should hire a planner for our wedding. “How indulgent,” we thought. It would be a serious waste of money for something we really could do ourselves. IT sure would make our lives easier though, to have one person to defer to on all things…

I started making calls the next day. I found a few wedding planners in the Hershey area that I thought I could afford, and we started the process of interviewing them. This was a crucial step because the wedding planner would be with us during every moment of the big day… And I needed to like someone who was going to be that close to us.

I ended up taking the plunge and hiring Melissa from Stylish Occasions. Ladies and grooms, let me tell you – she has already paid for herself. As someone who requires a lot of reassurance, being able to call and email her with every little question has been so important to me. Also, she has come up with a TON of ideas for various aspects of the wedding I was struggling with. I feel so lucky to have found someone I really click with who will be making my special day stress free. I promise to update after the wedding too, to share even more about my experience!

I hope you’re enjoying The Wedding Diaries… Check back next time for a post on our engagement party!


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