2012 in Review… and Here’s to 2013!!


I’m not going to lie – when I saw other bloggers posting about their 2012 highlights, I was thinking to myself “not much good happened this year.” I’m feeling a little down today and I guess this post is just what I needed, because as I flipped back through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram I was able to see how many blessings I truly do have in my life. 2013 holds a lot of new changes – I’m getting married, we’re planning another move, and I intend to really step up my running game. But for now, I think i’ll just celebrate what 2012 held, and get ready to ring in the New Year the best way I know how… on my couch, with Fiance and my cat, having a Harry Potter movie marathon. (I know, nerd alert… and i’m officially old.)

In 2012….

I travelled more than I have in past years, visiting Richmond, VA; Easton, MD; and Columbus, OH.

My college BFF got married!


I ran my first 5k, and two more after that.









Fiance graduated and landed his first “real” job – a dream come true for him!


Fiance and I moved to DC… after some struggles we are really loving it.


I got closer to my DC family. I wouldn’t be anything without them ❤


I got a job with an incredible company. Check them out if you’re in the DC area!


I had an amazing girls weekend with my mom seeing 98 Degrees AND The Backstreet Boys in the same night.


And as far as resolutions go? I have a lot of things i’d like to change, but the first thing is to appreciate what I have more. I want to blog more consistently, and really make this space my own. This year, i’m aiming for five 5ks, and maybe even a 10k after the wedding. I want to become the best version of me – and be willing to accept that I’m not sure what that means yet.


Happy New Year!


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