Christmas Cookies!


Today I’m linking up with Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals and Brittany at This Beautiful Life for a Holiday Cookie exchange! Myself and other bloggers are posting our favorite cookie recipes today, to share and grow our own collections! Be sure to check out their blogs to see some of the other great recipes!

My favorite Christmas Cookie is my mom’s modified Brown Sugar Cookie recipe, with a delicious cream cheese frosting. These cookies are a little bit more work than your typical recipe, but they are worth Every. Single. Bite. She found this in the newspaper a few years ago and we haven’t stopped making them since!

The reason these cookies require so much work is because the dough gets really hard to stir. If you’re lucky enough to have a stand mixer, you’ll be in good shape, but otherwise this is an arm workout! Below are pictures of my mom’s super cute recipe cards, as well as some pictures of the cookie making process!

1collageMy mom modifies this by using vanilla paste instead of extract, and doubles the cream cheese in the frosting. Perfection!


IMG_2156The chilled dough


YUMMY cream cheese frosting


The finished product!

We also love peanut butter blossoms and chocolate no bakes (we call them “fudgies”)!! My sister couldn’t be around for our baking weekend this year, so she participated from afar via FaceTime. Below is a picture of the cookie she made in tribute to me.


I hope your holiday cookie baking includes these great cookies this year!

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