The Wedding Diaries: The Dress!


Ok, so I know these wedding diaries posts are a little out of order. I’m sort of enjoying writing these posts in random order though. It gives me the opportunity to highlight the things that are standing out to me most at any given time. And lately, all I can think about is THE DRESS.

I have been engaged for just over a year, and only bought my dress about 6 weeks ago. Why? Because I wanted so badly to lose some weight before I went shopping. I had seen so many “Big Bliss” episodes of Say Yes To The Dress, that even in my average sized body I was terrified not to feel beautiful in my wedding dress.

So, I started running. I had seen the results my Aunt had experienced from adopting a running plan, and decided it would be a good path for me too. It has been about 9 months and I love it… but that is not the point of this post, is it?

My first dress shopping experience was at a chain bridal store. I won’t use the name, because it was incredibly unpleasant. They had very few dresses in my size and the samples dresses were all torn, stained, and misshapen. How could I have possibly fallen in love with a dress that looked like those did?

The next dress shopping experience was a random visit to a store in Charlotte, NC with my good friend Alex. We were out having a girls day and decided to pop into a bridal store… and the next thing I knew I found the dream dress. It was simple, elegant, incredibly flattering… and about 4x my budget. I had broken all of the rules on Say Yes To The Dress and I was in TROUBLE. This was in June.

So, the end of October rolls around. My mom, sister, and aunt had all planned a weekend to visit me and go shopping for the dress. In my head, I had a dream dress that no one in my family had seen, that was out of my budget, and that I simply couldn’t have. I was sure no other dress could make me look as good as that one had. Needless to say, my expectations were high.

I made my appointment for dress shopping at a local store called Curvy Girls Bridal. They stock dresses in every size and for every budget, and I was blown away the second I walked in the door. My salesperson, Taylor, indulged me and let me try on dress after dress as we finally got closer to the one…

And then it happened. I found THE DRESS. And let me tell you, ladies, when you find the one, you know it. I had zero doubts. I didn’t want to try anything else on, I didn’t need anyone to tell me how great I looked, and I certainly didn’t want to take it off! Now the search begins for the perfect shoes (flats, not heels), the perfect veil ( I like fingertip, but i’m not opposed to something longer) and the perfect jewelry (statement earrings please!).

I can’t wait for the next few months to fly by so I can post pictures of my great dress! In the meantime, keep checking in for more on my wedding planning experiences!


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