My First Shake Shack Experience!


This weekend was all about a fabulous whirlwind visit from my friend Kate, who rode the bus all the way from Blacksburg to visit D.C! I can’t want to share with all of you our adventures from the weekend, but I wanted to share this highlight with you – trust me, it deserves a post all of its own!

My friend Cayla, who blogs over at All A Mix, has been talking about burgers and fries from Shake Shack for as along as I can remember. I have never lived close enough to a location to try it myself, but I always drooled over the pictures she posted on Instagram – who doesn’t love a great burger?!

Anyway, this weekend I had the opportunity to try my first Shake Shack burger and let me tell you – I have never had a burger that good in my life! Cayla told me to get her standard order – A Shack Burger, with no changes or additions, an order of fries, and a cold Coke to wash it all down with. I followed her instructions and was rewarded with this:


I was incredible! The best part about the burger is the Shack Sauce… I’m not sure whats in it but it definitely has a mayonnaise base. I don’t even like mayonnaise and I loved the sauce! The burger was juicy and delicious, the sauce added the right level of flavor and the fries were incredible. They had a flavor so great that Kate (who is from Pittsburgh) said she didn’t even need ketchup to enjoy them!

On top of great food, Shake Shack has a really cool location, clean tables and bathrooms, and prompt customer service. All in all, there wasn’t a single aspect of this visit I didn’t enjoy, and Cayla will be glad to know that her skills as a food blogger were dead on with this recommendation! Enjoy some more pictures from our visit, and check back tomorrow to see more of my trip to D.C!






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  1. SOOOO happy that you loved Shake Shack just as much as I do! it’s seriously an amazing burger and i know you won’t be able to stay away … the service, the restaurant, the burger — everything is perfect!

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