The Wedding Diares: Picking a Photographer


One of the most interesting parts of my life, right now, has been planning my wedding long distance. Luckily, now that Fiance and I no longer live 6 hours away from our hometown and wedding location, this has gotten a little easier… but not much!

See, weddings have become quite a business. Fiance and I got engaged in December of 2011. Yep, thats right, an entire year ago! We went to our first wedding showcase in February of 2012, and we were already being told to BOOK EARLY!!! so that our date wouldn’t get taken. As it was, we got the last Saturday available for our venue, and our DJ had already booked the photo booth we originally wanted… and this was 17 months before our wedding!

But all of that will be for another post. This post, as you can tell from the title, is all about picking our photographer. Second only to the fact that I’m getting married is my wedding photography. I was going to settle for nothing less than the best! At that same February wedding showcase, we booked a wonderful photographer who had shot a friend’s wedding. Seems easy enough, right?

Wrong. In September, the agreement we had with our photographer fell apart. Suddenly, we were  less than a year out from the wedding, and I needed a photographer. They not only had to meet my criteria, they had to be available on my wedding date! I scoured the internet and friends wedding pictures, and that same night emailed 17 different photographers. Twelve of them had already booked my date.

That same weekend, Fiance and I travelled home to interview photographers. There, we had the opportunity to meet Matt&Nat, an incredible photographer duo from Lancaster, PA. Although we interviewed a few other photographers, it was clear to us that these were the people to capture our big day. Not only is their work great, they are incredible people! If you get a chance, check out their website and blog, read their story, and fall in love like we did!

I’m attaching some of our engagement pictures here, to showcase their incredible work. Somehow, the drama of picking a photographer, losing a photographer, and starting all over was the best thing that could have happened to us!





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