Getting Started


At the advice of a dear friend, I’m going to start this blog as both an outlet for me and inspiration for others. One of my favorite parts of my day is logging onto my computer to check each of the blogs I read daily, and although it looks like it could be difficult, I’d love to inspire others like I have been inspired!


So, some important details to get you started:

-Grad Student, working on a Masters in School Counseling

-I work in inside sales… which is a fancy name for saying I cold call people for a living

-I’m planning my July 2013 wedding long distance… It’s been interesting!

-I live in northern VA with my awesome fiance, my cat, and just down the road from my awesome family. 

-Fiance and I are still (and probably always) figuring out life post-college, but loving doing it together.


Hope you enjoy the blog!


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  1. Will you be raging about anything? Because I really like this other blog I read called “Paige’s Rages”. But there aren’t new posts there very often.

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